Plumen Adds Drop Hat Lamp Shade To Its Growing Lighting Collection


London Style Festival 2015: Plumen, the lighting brand behind the energy-productive 001 light bulb, has introduced a hat brim-shaped shade to its range of bulbs and pendants.

Plumen drop hat shades

The Drop Hat shade is manufactured from a flat steel disc that is available in five various finishes – black, white, brass, chrome and copper.

The piece can be slotted into a Plumen pendant cap to sit just over the light bulb.

Plumen drop hat shades

The shiny underside of the shade displays the light emitted by the bulb and supplies subtle colour effects.

“We created the discs flat and properly proportioned for Plumen bulbs,” stated company founder and imaginative director Nicolas Roope. “The lamp holder is hidden by the drop cap, so only the lit part of the bulb projects out, and is met with a perfect reflection.”

Plumen drop hat shades

“From specified angles the original and mirrored form mix into a single glowing sculpture that seems to hover in space,” he added. “The scale of the Drop Hat’s circular plane offers it a sturdy presence and when utilised in series generates a striking architectural gesture, suggesting ceiling plains and defining clear zones in open spaces.”

Plumen drop hat shade

The firm explained that the addition of the Drop Hat means there are now 145 diverse attainable combinations of bulbs, pendants and shades in its range. There are currently three bulb patterns offered, alongside six pendant colors and two shades.

Relevant story: Hulger launches 2nd design for Plumen designer low-power light bulb

The Plumen 001 bulb – which was designed by style brand Hulger and industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson in 2010 – was designed to be an power-efficient, sculptural option to standard lighting.

Plumen drop hat shade

It was the recipient of the 2011 Design and style of the Year award, and has been added to the collections at New York’s Museum of Modern day Artwork (MoMA) and Cooper-Hewitt, as effectively as London’s V&ampA Museum.

Plumen drop hat shade

The firm has since launched a second style, the Plumen 002, as properly as a smaller “baby” edition of the 001.

Plumen is showcasing its new shades at venues like The Outdated Les Trois Garcons in Shoreditch and Somerset House throughout this year’s London Layout Festival, which continues right up until 27 September 2015.

Plumen drop hat shade

Also at Somerset House in the course of the occasion, Max Lamb has filled a gallery with logs sourced from his grandfather’s previous ash tree and Patternity has set up a black and white “playground” in a single of the rooms.



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