Even however I&#8217ve been doing work difficult on the laundry area lately (right here&#8217s a sneak peek of the most recent update, but much more to come soon!), the trees coming down final month and the boost in temperatures have me thinking about exterior tasks a lot. Although I&#8217m not nevertheless ready to pull the set off on any a single project in particular (my allergies are trying to keep me indoors for the subsequent couple of weeks, and I won&#8217t commence on these until the shelves &amp counter are all done in the laundry space&#8230 so near!) I did want to share with you some inspiration I&#8217ve been pinning recently.

1. Tree bench

There&#8217s only a single remaining tree in the back yard after getting rid of the rest back in March, and I&#8217d truly like to see it hunting far more purposeful. So lately, I&#8217ve been contemplating about what a modest bench would appear like at the foot of the tree, like the examples under.

tree bench

Not only would it include some seating, but would make the yard search more inviting to a guest (and how great is that suspended guide shelf concept?). I truly like the idea of incorporating some plants under the bench too, but with my brown thumb, I could just want to stick to gravel or mulch. I found a amazing tutorial from This Previous House, which makes me all the a lot more confident that I&#8217ll be seeing this project come to fruition this summer time.

2. Outdoor Lights

I have constantly needed string lights in the yard. I just really like the soft and cozy feeling it adds. Plus, I&#8217m inclined to bet that it helps make any yard, even mine, look dressed up (don&#8217t believe me? the subsequent time you see a fairly picture of outdoor string lights, cover up the best portion exactly where the lights are displayed&#8230 it practically often will take the &#8220it&#8221 element away). Maybe I&#8217ll begin by running some lights out to the remaining tree when the bench is in spot.

outdoor lighting

(clockwise) 1 &#8211 2 &#8211 3 &#8211 four

three. Landscaping along the fence

Ultimately, I&#8217d like to create a actual and workable landscaping prepare for the back yard. With the elimination of all but one of my pine trees, it&#8217s variety of like hitting a reset button on the ideas I&#8217ve had just before. All of the shade I used to count on is no longer there, which opens the door to new landscaping possibilities. The 1st key hurdle will be moving the enormous mound of soil and tree mulch from the spot that when had all of the trees, but after that, I&#8217ll need to have to select an region and commence digging (virtually). I believe a single of the first areas that could genuinely use some support is the correct side of the yard, where my neighbors have left their fence to rot. Not wonderful, and not often pictured on this weblog, but also not worth receiving into some kind of discussion with my neighbor about it (right after all, my yard is hardly the envy of the neighborhood!). So the simplest solution is to discover anything that masks it a little. Right here&#8217s an older pic from some yard cleanup I did a 12 months and a half ago the place you can see the fence I&#8217m speaking about:

I believe a quite good remedy is to install some raised garden beds (which are quite cheap and straightforward to build) and some flowering shrubs of some kind that can tolerate the shade/sun combine on that side (neighboring trees that aren&#8217t in my yard even now maintain this spot shaded in the afternoon). Or, I could nix the garden beds and basically plant one thing that doesn&#8217t demand any upkeep, like Annabelle hydrangeas (as you might already know, I Enjoy hydrangeas of all sorts), or knockout roses (whom I&#8217ve been advised by 1 reader requires practically zero upkeep). But nevertheless, I do consider the raised bed makes issues a little nicer. The yellow knockout selection are a favourite of mine in distinct.

fence landscaping

(clockwise) one &#8211 2 &#8211 3 &#8211 four

I don&#8217t prepare to in fact try out herbs &amp greens in this spot, so the lack of full sun should not be also a lot of a problem. But then yet again, I don&#8217t have a green thumb, so these are still just tips kicking around in my brain!

That&#8217s about it for now, but I feel these 3 tips are in the prime spots for what to do about the yard this summer. As usually, landscaping is a slow-moving monster, so I&#8217m carrying out my ideal to feel of small concepts that will ultimately add up to 1 awesomely entertaining outdoor space. What landscaping projects do you have planned this summertime?

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