Onean Launches Motorised Electric Boards For Waveless Surfing


Spanish watersports brand Onean has unveiled two battery-powered boards that make it feasible to surf with out any swell (+ movie).

Onean surfboard

The Basque Country brand has been doing work on the layout for the electric boards given that early 2013. It has now partnered with item improvement business Bizintek Innova to launch its 1st two models: Carver and Manta.

Onean surfboard

Shaped similarly to a classic longboard, the Carver model is powered by a 440-Watt dual-core electrical motor and an axial water pump, designed by Onean’s mother or father brand Aquila Boards. The motor is controlled remotely making use of a hand-held gadget, which can boost and reduce energy.

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Surfers can use the board to slalom across the water at speed with no possessing to rely on waves for propulsion, with the battery supplying up to 20 minutes at its highest speed. Batteries are easily interchangeable, with a charging time of two hours.

Onean surfboard

The a lot more rectangular Manta model is powered by equivalent parts but has been developed for more casual surfers, enabling for cruising along calmer water surfaces this kind of as canals.

Onean surfboard

The board offers top speeds of seven to eight kilometres per hour, with much more than two hrs of continuous usage time from a single charge. Onean describes it as “the best choice for individuals wanting to cruise into unexplored locations”.

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“Based in the Basque Nation in Spain, the firm is flawlessly positioned in an location with broad industrial experience with a large surfing culture,” Onean stated in a statement.

Onean surfboard

The two models are now accessible for pre-order online, and a third model named Blade is also in development.

Surfing has previously proved a rich supply of reference for designers. French studio Trust in Style referred to the shapes and manufacturing techniques of surfboards when creating a 1-off table for Paris surf boutique Cuisse de Grenouille.

Onean surfboard

Industrial designer Marc Newson has also turned his hand to surfboard style, making a custom-created hollow nickel board for American surfer Garrett McNamara in 2007, which was exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery and eventually sold at auction for in excess of \$200,000.

Onean surfboard

Other unusual approaches of transport unveiled just lately consist of Lexus’ eagerly awaited hoverboard, which employs magnetic fields to carry its rider without having touching the ground, and a laptop-sized board with wheels described as the world’s smallest electric auto by its inventor.



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