Office Mian Ye Wraps A Maryland Home In Wood Battens Made Of Knotty Cedar


This family home in Maryland by Office Mian Ye is sheathed in a wooden brise-soleil, enabling views of the landscape whilst also supplying privacy .

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye Photograph by Ehsan Khah

The seven,000-square-foot (650 square metre) Meadow Residence is found in Potomac, Maryland, in a suburban neighbourhood. The region is characterised by contemporary two- and 3-storey mansions, numerous of which are bigger than ten,000 square feet (930 square metres).

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye Photograph by Ehsan Khah

“The consumer was adamant about departing from what is typically created in the neighbourhood by constructing a smaller, single-storey house,” mentioned Workplace Mian Ye, the New York studio led by architect Mian Ye.

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“By taking into consideration the site’s solar exposure and context, the Meadow Home reinterprets the standard divide of American front and backyards to develop residing spaces that are deeply linked to all-natural light and the surrounding landscape.”

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye

The rectilinear dwelling is wrapped in a display manufactured of knotty cedar. The brise-soleil provides privacy although also offering views out and enabling diffused light to enter the house.

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye

In time, flowering vines will wind their way up the wooden slats. “Various species of climbing vines planted along the perimeter will transform the skin of the house, as they bloom and alter colours all through the yr,” mentioned the company.

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye

Within, the open-strategy home is composed of two main areas – one for enjoyment and one particular for rest. A foyer leads to the residing room in which a massive skylight illuminates a pebble-lined backyard inside the area.

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye

An open servery bar acts as a partition among the residing area and kitchen. Meals is ready and served at the bar during events at the property.

Folding glass doors in the living room connect the room to a pool and an expansive wooden deck.

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye

The bedrooms encircle a backyard with Japanese-style landscaping. “This tiny outdoor space provides both an intimate gathering spot for the household as effectively as a transitional area amongst inside and outdoors,” stated the architect.

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye

A small room noticeable from the courtyard functions the owner’s artwork assortment, serving as a little gallery.

Meadow House by Office Mian Ye Photograph by Ehsan Khah

Other examples of residences with wooden screens include the Lattice Property in India by Sameep Padora &amp Associates and the Timber Home in Germany by Kühnlein Architektur.

Photography is by the architects, unless of course stated otherwise.

Task credits:

Landscape advisor: Gena Wirth
Lighting consultant: Megan Pfeffer
Contractor: Builtec

Meadow House by Office Mian YeAxonometric diagram Meadow House by Office Mian YeFloor program and key Dezeen


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