Sheltered beneath an oversized roof, this tiny timber cabin by AA graduate Nozomi Nakabayashi stands on stilts among the oak trees of a wood in Dorset, England .

Hut on stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

Nakabayashi was commissioned to produce Hut on Stilts for a author after graduating from the Architectural Association’s Design and style and Make programme final summer.

The tiny treehouse-like framework is elevated above a patch of woodland. It was designed and constructed by Nakabayashi, with the support of a small group.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

The eight-square-metre cabin is split into two levels and is kitted out with a wood-burning stove, writing desk and a bed hidden beneath the floorboards.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

“Hidden amongst a small oak woodland, Hut on Stilts stands substantial over ground as a little magical get away area to invest the night, to ponder and to inspire tips for the client, who is a author,” mentioned Nakabayashi.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

An elevated observation deck varieties the base of the building, which is raised roughly four metres above the forest floor on reclaimed telegraph poles.

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The stilts lift it up into the tree canopy to give the author views of a nearby lake and passing wildlife.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

“The quick was to build a little overnight-stay framework for a author in a little woodland,” Nakabayashi told Dezeen.

“The website of the Hut on Stilts is in a little patch of woodland looking above a lake in distance, and the consumer needed an elevated space with a see, to rest and ponder on his ideas.”

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

“The site is situated right behind a lake and the client needed an elevated structure to enjoy the see to the lake, the deer passing by and the hills,” she additional.

“We also wished to develop a space which felt comfortable, but distinct from the everyday experience of currently being on the ground.”

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

Inside, a wood-burning stove sits in an alcove and a polycarbonate writing desk is wedged between the eaves and walls to maximise the two.5 by 2.5-metre strategy.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

A part of the plywood flooring in front of the stove can be peeled back to reveal a cavity containing a bed.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

The cabin is clad and insulated with a combination of locally sourced red cedar and cork panelling, while the construction is created from Douglas fir and functions a wide window produced from recycled glass.

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Nakabayashi prefabricated the construction offsite and completed the cladding and interior on location with the aid of battery-powered tools.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi

She designed these skills while functioning on the Big Shed venture – a faceted timber workshop set on the AA’s campus in close by Hooke Park.

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi The structure was prefabricated offsite whilst the cladding and interior have been finished on place

“With the AA’s Large Shed venture, the knowledge of residing on site and generating the venture gave me a distinct sense of a comprehensive method of conceiving a building,” she said. “This hinted at a new way of practicing architecture and gave me a yearning to want to create the Hut on Stilts.”

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi Nakabayashi Nakabayashi created Hut on Stilts with the support of a modest team

“I consciously took the intense part of turning into the builder of the undertaking and this was to be able to encounter the venture physically from its thought to its completion,” she additional.

“Beyond the practicality of currently being in a position to management the design and style by getting the maker, I grew to become the inhabitant of the area – this was genuinely important in enabling me to really feel and expertise my personal layout as a method.”

Photography is by Henrietta Williams.

Venture credits:

Lead designer: Nozomi Nakabayashi
Design and constructing group: Nozomi Nakabayashi, Mark Torrens, Marco Bencivenga, Manvir Hansra, Federico Forestiero, Elizabeth Cunningham

Hut on Stilts by Nozomi NakabayashiConstruction diagram Hut on Stilts by Nozomi NakabayashiArea Dezeen


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