I was recently in touch with the Novogratz family and their publicist about a new line they’ve produced for the home – colorful, budget-friendly and loads of fun… And we all love fun interiors bursting with personality, don’t we? They wanted me to review some of their new things but I was hesitant since I hadn’t seen any of it in person and 1) I don’t feel comfortable reviewing products unless I’ve experienced them and 2) I am so picky when it comes to soft furnishings because stuff close to my skin has to feel GOOD. That’s why I asked for 4 of my favorite pillows from their collection agreeing that if liked them I’d post and if I didn’t, I’d simply return to sender and move on.


Thankfully, they passed my critical eye and I’ll end up keeping at least one for my home (I’ll give the rest to my friends, I don’t have much space left in my house!). But the pillows really are great because they are priced between \$15-20 bucks a piece and they look really good in person — you really can’t go wrong. You can buy them, along with matching bedding and other goodies, like shower curtains, right here. And yeah, okay, if they were more expensive, I would expect zip-cases and goose feather inserts, but for this price range you really have to appreciate the quality that you’re getting for such rock bottom prices. You can easily wipe them clean, they aren’t such an investment that if your kids ruin them you’re going to freak and they work in all sorts of rooms – the office, kid’s room, play area, living room – anywhere.

I put the #9 numbers cushion in Aidan’s nursery…

And the Count Your Blessings and Color Wheel cushion on my chair in my living room for now – but the color wheel may end up in my new office  – and a big P.S. — it’s not silk but looks just like it and the colors really shine against the pure while background.


The Love Letters cushion is another favorite, shown above.


So let me quickly tell you about the Novogratz family shown pictured above. You can see their website for the full scoop, but they are a creative family of 9 (Yes, my jaw dropped too), first their is Bob and Cortney Novogratz followed by their 7 children. YES, you heard me right. S E V E N. I have ONE and struggle at times with my schedule so to have 7 completely blows my mind. To be as cool as this family to run a design firm producing collections for huge stores (like Walmart, Macy’s, CB2), developing and designing property, writing books, designing interiors, living in the big city (Manhattan), it seems like a total dream slash fantasy life. I think they need a reality show because I’d tune into that just to get the scoop on how they balance everything. Very inspiring…

(Brought to you by decor8 + The Novogratz. Photography in my home photographed by me. All words are my own.)



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