When it comes to this residence, the only substantial lighting alterations I&#8217ve ever truly made in the final couple of years have been in the kitchen and bathrooms. But now that the dining space has last but not least reached a decorative stage, I took a small time this previous weekend to install anything I&#8217m actually thrilled about:

copper dining room light

copper light fixture in the dining room

Considering that I haven&#8217t carried out many lighting projects in the home, Dad briefly came over with some added tools (and to drop off sugar cookies&#8230 it seems Mom&#8217s in a baking mood). He took the previous one down although I assembled the new light, only then realizing that I didn&#8217t take any ahead of photographs.

Frig. Every time, Sarah.

Anyway, back to install. The light fixture is from Urban Outfitters, ordered just a few weeks in the past, but it seems like it&#8217s currently offered out and/or eliminated from their web site. So even however I can&#8217t stage you to the exact 1, I&#8217ve picked out a number of that are comparable in style (but note that copper fixtures are normally a lot more of a pendant style). Or, you can DIY a similar 1 of your very own, like Mandi did (#4).

lighting options

1 / two / three / 4

The light came with a bunch of extra rods to screw with each other and numerous extra feet of wire—I assume in case this fixture was supposed to hang from the best of the Eiffel Tower (I&#8217m exaggerating of course, but not by significantly). At initial, I wasn&#8217t certain how higher to hang it, so I turned to my BFF (Google), who promptly informed me that dining area lights want to hang about thirty-34&#8243 above the table. The lower arms were proper close to 34&#8243 with only two and a half rods utilised, so I clipped off the rest of the excess wire and screwed it together.

Following I finished installing everything (dropping the teeny tiny screws a couple of times – making me extremely glad to have a helper to retrieve them), we tested everything out to make positive it worked. At the time, I didn&#8217t have the light bulbs that went with the fixture yet, so I employed a single bulb from the old one to examine the dimmer switch. It hung somewhat awkwardly from one of the eight arms, which manufactured me chuckle. And this, apparently, is something I get images of. Go figure.

Dad hated it. I could inform because he explained nothing. It&#8217s not that different from when he likes anything however&#8230 which is more like this:

But no matter. Not his home, correct? I truly like the contrast of the blue &amp copper. I believe I would have been just as content with a black fixture (equivalent to my pick on my dining space mood board), but the thin and modern lines are what I like most. I also like that the copper is more of a brushed finish, which keeps it from searching too red.

More photos (all of the angles manufactured it really enjoyable to photograph!):

The most tough element was discovering the appropriate light bulbs. I needed tiny-ish and round-ish ones, but most bulbs that are offered in large box shops these days are not all that quite to look at as a bare bulb (which is what I necessary). I also didn&#8217t really come to feel like trekking to a specialty retailer or getting on the internet, so I brought residence the only two options available: a single clear, and a single white. Be sure to also check out the back of the light bulb&#8217s packaging to uncover out if it can be hung upside down or not (not all of them are designed to, which can be somewhat limiting if you&#8217re lazy like me).

In man or woman, the clear version seems better, but the white ones photograph much better at evening. Each work nicely on the dimmer, so I&#8217m going with clear and stashing the white bulbs in situation I want to change items up in the future (or just require to take a new photograph of the space).

Not all the bulbs have been screwed in when I tested &amp photographed, but you get the concept. Clear on the left, white on the proper.

With the blue walls and the copper light getting two of the bolder choices in the area, I&#8217m now leaning toward creating some neutral-inspired art to go along the back wall (initially I was pondering some thing far more brightly colored, but that was before finding this light, and the eye&#8217s gotta rest somewhere). It&#8217s entertaining to see how the room evolves with every piece additional, don&#8217t you believe? Satisfied weekend, absolutely everyone!

copper chandelier

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