As they say—in business and in life—you’ve gotta put your best face forward! So when I set out for the Better Homes workshop last month, I decided to put that sentiment to the test with some brand new business cards. Although, in the past, I’ve gone with Vistaprint, I decided to switch it up this year and try out Minted’s line of business cards. Like most of the country (err…world) I’ve got a thing for hand lettering, and Minted’s collection of calligraphy type and text seems a bit unmatched in the Big Wig world of printing.



While calligraphy ultimately was what I was after, as you can see, I ended up going a completely different direction with my printed biz cards: gold foil! Minted has just released a whole slew of gorgeous foiled designs and I was totally taken with the idea of a bit of sparkle and shine. After previewing all sorts of options, I chose Oh So Peachy Polka Dot, quickly added in my personal info and finished with a headshot care of Miss Mallory Benedict on the reverse side.



Although I’ve heard mixed opinions over the idea of a #selfie on business cards, I so rarely see my fellow bloggers, editors and creatives in person (this is a very virtual life, after all), so I think a little face-to-the-name reminder is appropriate here. If you disagree, feel free to sound off in the comments!


Pick a card, any card…I’m curious to know—Which would you choose?


P.S. Click through for your chance to win a floral print, care of Laura Dro Designs! Contest ends Monday, so don’t delay.

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