Northmodern 2015: Swedish designer Jens Fager has employed a new bamboo-primarily based material to kind a lampshade that joins Danish brand Muuto’s line of lighting goods.

Bamboo Grain lamp by Jens Fager for Muuto

Launching at Copenhagen’s biannual Northmodern design honest this week, the Grain lamp takes its identify from a new composite material that blends bamboo with polypropylene, while making it possible for the all-natural colour and textures to continue to be visible.

Bamboo Grain lamp by Jens Fager for Muuto

The result is a dappled, matt surface that pairs the smoothness of plastic with the fibre of the bamboo.

The lamp attributes an upturned edge to add character to its fairly simple form. Flecks of bamboo grain can be observed across the shade, which lends subtle colour variations and results to the light.

Bamboo Grain lamp by Jens Fager for Muuto

The pendant is offered in six various colours – black, grey, red, white, green and natural cork – and is fitted with an power-effective LED bulb that has up to 10,000 hours of life.

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Grain is a versatile, environmentally pleasant pendant lamp with a warm and welcoming look that offers a wonderful quality light,” said Fager. “You can really see the normal stains and patterns of the material’s construction in it.”

Bamboo Grain lamp by Jens Fager for Muuto

Fager also experimented with materials at the start of 2015, when he worked with fellow Scandinavian designer Andreas Engesvik to create a collection of pressed-felt space dividers from recycled bottles.

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His grip candlesticks had been included in Muuto’s 2014 collection of homeware, and featured a horizontal tab that allowed them to be moved from place to location whilst lit.

Bamboo Grain lamp by Jens Fager for Muuto

Following its inaugural event in January, the second edition of Northmodern is taking area in the Danish capital from 13 to 15 August 2015, in which the debut homeware range by AYTM is also on demonstrate.



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