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Today we will inform you about a piece of furnishings that despite not being valued, it can be a lot more sensible and decorative. We are referring to the coat rack, which not only makes it possible for to sustain orderly hats, coats and other garments, but can deliver persona to environments, specially if you go with a portion like that are going to display you right here.

coat racks with hooks wall mount

It is Pixel, a coat Rack that has been designed by designer Marco Ripa. Would you like to discover more about this exciting piece of furnishings? Then do not miss detail of what we inform you then!

modern coat hook rail

A coat rack unique
Accustomed to seeing too classical standing coat racks, we have been surprised locate on the market a piece as Pixel, which is ideal for most contemporary households, which are people that prevail right now. And it is that, as you can see in the images, it is a coat rack original.

coat rack hooks wall

Hidden hooks
Pixel consists of 4 rectangular pieces of diverse sizes to develop a stepped silhouette and featuring some hidden hooks for hanging garments and accessories. That Yes, you can also get these hooks to view if you want to use them. On the other hand, you preserve in mind that every single of the Pixel coat is hand manufactured in Italy.

modern red finish metal coat rack

Perfect for the bedroom and the hallway
Despite the fact that this piece is too contemporary for your home, you can use it to produce contrasts, rather than nowadays in day has become all of a trend. In addition, it is an ideal stand both to be positioned in the receiver as in the bedroom. On each websites you certain is super handy.

Then you leave with our gallery, where you can uncover more screenshots of Pixel. Do you are going to get rid of?

design coat rack nz

modern oak coat rack

modern office coat rack

modern rustic coat rack

paul modern coat rack

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