August 19, 2015   Space decor  

Thanks to mussels, you really feel blowing the sea breeze in the room. Decorating with seashells is best for refreshing the apartment. Not only the super appears eye-catching in the bathroom and on the terrace, but also it fits extremely effectively in all other rooms of your residence. A with shells of decorated candle holders, for instance, or a coffee table with maritime decoration, the surroundings can give a cool summertime feeling.

Deco seashells on the terrace

Anybody who loves the sea and admired the seashore residence type with charming, delicately made rooms, can be inspired by the shown images. Be imaginative and produce a cosy atmosphere with this imaginative decoration with clams!

Deco jewelry shells

Deco seashells on the coffee table

Deco shells colorful wall décor

Deco shells dolphin on the wall

Deco shells floor lamp in softcolors

Deco shells for bathrooms

Deco shells for books

Deco shells for candles

Deco shells for fireplace

Deco shells for living room abstract 600 x 502

Deco shells for living room

Deco shells glass ball

Deco shells Hans works mirror

Deco shells in glassware

Deco shells napkin

Deco shells next driftwood crafts

Deco shells on the wall

Deco shells photoframe

Deco shells two glasses

Deco shells two vases on the table

Deco shells wall next to the

Deco shells white and blue

Decor shell blue colors garden party

Decoration with a candle shells

decorative shells

Floor lamp shells Deco

Hanging decoration with MUS Hel and sand in a bottle

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