Your Fresh Dose Of Inspiration For New Dining Room Decors
Not all homes have a dining room. Some people don’t see the point of having a separate space just for eating when they can do that in the kitchen or somewhere else in the house. But let’s say you do want a dining area in your home. How would you decorate it and what type of furniture would you use? Try to ignore your existing dining room’s décor and to imagine something different. There’s an infinity of possibilities and we managed to gather a few of them right here so you can let them inspire you.

The play of natural wood for dining room

The play of natural wood tones and earthy colors against the white walls and floor is refreshing in this case. At the same time, this dining space looks fresh and bright. The area rug’s intricate design and the hypnotic wall art pattern fit in perfectly.{image from Marika Jarv Creative}.

Bring more natural light for dining room

If you want to bring more natural light into your dining room décor then you can use skylights and clerestory windows. It would also help to have large windows or glass doors connecting the dining space to a terrace or deck.{found on Melissa Miranda}.

Dark inspired dining room from Smith Hanes Studio

A dining room can also be dark such as the one designed by Smith Hanes Studio for this beautiful country home. As you can see, the walls and ceiling are dark and the small round table and the chairs are the main elements that add a light touch of white and natural wood to the décor.

Dining room with simplicity design

A modern dining room will almost always be defined by simplicity. Geometric designs and simple patterns are often integrated in such designs. Disc Interiors chose to use here a simple striped rug and a set of stools with round seats instead of the usual dining chairs.

Details and accessories for dining room

Details and accessories are important for creating a suitable ambiance in the dining room. If you want to add drama to the space you can choose to hang long curtains in a rich color such as burgundy or purple. You can find some inspiration in this apartment designed by Marianne Tiegen.

Clean white inpired dining room

White can also be a strong color if used right. You can make a white dining room look amazing by adding a few contrasting details such as a set of non-matching wood stools, a colored accent cabinet or an eye-catching table centerpiece.{found on Couleur Locale}.

Dining room combining various patterns

If you want to play with shapes and discover interesting ways on combining various patterns, you can find some inspiration in the design created by Camille Hernand Architectures. This dining room combines modern and retro details with a touch of French glamor.

Dining room with a French glamour design

Before you start worrying about the little things, it would be best to focus on the basics. Dining room furniture is not usually very diversified. A table and a few chairs are all you need. But you don’t really need anything else because you can choose colored chairs like these yellow ones used by Peter Wilds Design and they’ll make your dining room pop.

Dining room with built in shelves and bench

When decorating a room, regardless of its function, the general desire is to create a cohesive look. This can be done through a variety of methods. This dining room designed by Double G has a turquoise background with walls and furniture that match complemented by colorful accents in the form of accent pillows and wall art.

Country chic look dining room with Tom dixon pendant lamps

There are many ways in which you can give your dining room a country-chic look. One example is offered by Hare + Klein. This is a décor which mixes traditional and rustic features with modern elements.

White dining room with an eye cathing wall art

A well-chosen piece of wall décor can serve as a focal point for the dining room. Its placement and design are very important. Ross Tang Architects chose to add a bold touch of red to this space and to keep the rest of the décor very simple.

Rustic bench with white paint bricks for dining room

There are numerous beautiful features here. For example, the rustic bench, the white painted brick wall, the textured ceiling and the wooden shutters reminiscent of barn doors are definitely worth mentioning. They all contribute to an overall inviting and comfortable décor.{found on Kid & Coe}.

Ecletic dining room design

Describing an eclectic living room décor is not easy when there are so many diverse elements, all struggling to steal the viewer’s attention, elements such as differently-colored chairs, wall decorations, patterned area rugs or interesting light fixtures.

Black and white dining room with eye cathing fixtures

Another important aspect is the dining room lighting. Chandeliers and pendant lamps are popular choices. The team at Bruzkus Batek chose to display a set of three minimalist pendants above the table, thus establishing symmetry.

Fresco dining space design

Al fresco dining spaces are often considered the most charming and beautiful of all. There’s something special about having dinner while admiring a panoramic view or feeling a fresh breeze. Andersson-Wise Architects offer a really lovely example. You can also take advantage of these elements if you have a dining room with full height windows or sliding doors.

Dining room with a rustic fireplace and gold frame mirror above it

A fireplace can really make a dining room feel extra cozy and inviting. You can have one that matches the room’s décor. So if you have a traditional or rustic home, a fireplace such as the one used here by Clites Architects would be an interesting choice.

Wall decor ideas for dining room

The wall décor is another aspect to take into consideration. Peter Wilds chose here to frame a selection of minimalist black and white images and to display them on a gallery wall. The frames are not placed in a symmetrical or regular pattern. Their random placement sets a casual and relaxed ambiance.

Dining room with a mid century feel and wood accents

The use of wood in interior design is definitely not new. Wood is used in dining rooms in a lot of ways in order to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Wood-paneled walls and ceilings are one option. You can find more inspiration from Dorrington Atcheson Architects.

Fresh decor for dining room with a corner bench and iconic table

The type of fresh and airy décor featured here by J. K. Kling Associates is usually specific to beach houses and summer getaway homes. The use of rattan furniture, lots of white combined with light neutrals and blue accents is defining for this dining area.

different textures and materials for dining room

An eclectic dining room can be decorated using a variety of different textures and materials combined with various patterns and colors. All these elements have to be balanced in order to create a harmonious décor throughout.

Small green bench and LED sign above the bed

There are many ways in which to personalize a dining room. Wall art is one option. A luminous sign can brighten up the space, just like it did in the case of this design by BWArchitects. Both the hearth shape and the message look nice here.

Dining room with a large chalkboard wall

Another option is to add chalkboard walls to the dining room’s interior design. This allows the décor to be changed and customized in an infinity of ways. You can also add additional wall art such as a framed mirror or a painting.

Iconing dining room furniture and butterfly wall art

Dining room wall art can also be something handmade. For example, you can try to replicate the butterfly wall art used here by Kemble Interiors. The project would be quite simple. You’d have to make a variety of paper butterflies and to attach them to a frame or directly onto the wall.

Breakfast nook with a message above

You can combine several different types of wall décor. For example, a wall can be painted black and then you can have something painted or stenciled on it for a bold contrast. Another wall cab be decorated with framed pictures, mirrors and other things.

Oversized pendant lamp above the table

An oversized pendant lamp can also do the trick if you’re trying to create an eye-catching focal point without necessarily using lots of colors. This dining room designed by Gilles & Boissier can be a good example in this case.

Colors and hairpin bench for dining room

The colors featured by a wall painting can be reiterated throughout the dining room. For example, they can be employed when covering the chairs, benches or table. You can play with various colors, materials and textures the same way Studio Revolution did here.

Traditional kitchen room

Traditional homes may not be trendy right now but we all know how cozy and inviting they can be. So if you want to imprint those characteristics onto your dining room, you can borrow some inspiration from this style. Perhaps a cabinet with a buffet at the bottom and open shelves at the top would be a good choice for the space.

Chandelier over kitchen table

We really love the way this chandelier is reflected into the dining table’s glossy top. The fact the rest of the furniture doesn’t share the same finish, color and characteristics is refreshing. In addition, the chairs are a really nice match.

Consider choosing different colors - plastic molded chairs

Consider choosing different colors for your dining room chairs. Standard Studio used here four chairs with identical designs, each featuring a different color, ranging from khaki green to light brown. They look great in this context.

Cave castle dining room with reclaimed wood table and pantone chairs

You can also find your inspiration in dining rooms such as the one designed by Serge Castella. This space was designed to resemble a cave, with textured rock walls and ceiling, raw edge wood used for the dining table and a few modern elements added for contrast.

Mirror above fireplace

A dining room can have multiple eye-catching design elements such an ornate chandelier, a gallery wall, some interesting centerpieces on the table and a fireplace. They can all follow the same style or they can each introduce something new into the décor.

Kemble luxury dining room

When designing this luxurious dining table, Kemble Interiors opted for an overall traditional vibe. The design is elegant and packet with patterns. The wallpaper and the upholstery on the chairs are two good examples. Even though the color palette is not diversified, the décor is far from austere or boring.

subtle influences from various styles

Stephen Karlisch‘s design for this dining room combines subtle influences from various styles. The décor is retro-chic with modern and industrial influences. The painting displayed on the wall steals all the attention, everything else becoming less eye-catching by comparison.

Balance is the key for a good design

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