A large mirror can prove to be the missing element in your dining room. This can be a useful accent feature in a small room if you want to make it appear more spacious. It can also be useful if you want to make the space seem brighter or if you simply need an interesting way of decorating the room without using wall art.

Large chandelier over farm dining table

Let’s say you want your dining room to have a large ornate chandelier. Its opulent presence will most likely have to be toned down by other pieces which are simple or contrast with the light fixture in some way or another. An unfinished or reclaimed wood table could be the piece you’re looking for.

Bohemian look dining room

In certain contexts, an opulent chandelier can fit in beautifully. The entire dining room would have to have a bohemian look and an aristocratic presence. Furniture pieces would have to be ornate but still retain an elegant simplicity. Given all these elements, a neutral color palette would be most suitable.

High ceiling dining room

Dining rooms with high ceilings can benefit from low-hanging or over sized chandeliers and pendant lamps. You can choose to make the light fixture the center of attention, keeping everything else simple. The chandelier could have a sculptural design such as this one or could impress with its size or color.

Accent light fixture above table

The light fixture has to be chosen in accordance with the context it is placed in. So, for example, if the dining space is small and occupies a corner of a room, hanging a very large chandelier above the table would overwhelm the space. A less impressive but still eye-catching pendant lamp would be a much better option.

Tom dixon pendant lamps for dining table

A cluster of pendant lamps can be the perfect answer when you want to light up a dining room which has a large table. A collection of light fixtures with matching designs and different shapes or sizes can be arranged to evenly light up the room while also forming an elegant focal point for its interior design.

Hanging swing seating for dining table

A dining room can be elegant and playful at the same time. It’s all a matter of choices. For example, you can choose to have an indoor swing instead of a regular bench or armchair. The inspiration for this idea comes from Mork Ulnes Architects. They used it to give this dining room the dose of uniqueness is badly needed.

Large dining table with a built in bench and wall behind decorated with pics

Comfort is important and no room can neglect that. In the case of the dining room, An upholstered bench or sectional can prove to be the perfect choice. This is an interesting alternative to the usual combination of table and chairs.{found on Shoot Factory}.

Large dining room chalkboard accent wall

We mentioned more than once that a chalkboard wall can completely change the look of a room. Just consider the possibilities. You can change the mood in the room just by wiring the right message on the wall. The space can be romantic, sober or artistic, depending on how you want it to look and on your creativity.

White and clean dining room area

Sometimes it’s great just to stick with the basics. A dining room doesn’t need a lot of color to look special. The simple contrast of light and dark tones is enough to make it stand out. The Uxus design team definitely had the right idea when customizing this dining space.

Small chandelir for dining table

A small chandelier hanged low over the dining table will offer the room a cozy, warm and welcoming look, especially if the room is decorated with simple wooden furniture featuring subtle rustic details. To highlight this, you can also casually let an antique painting lean against one of the walls.

Reclaimed wood dining table

Consider this: your dining room and kitchen are adjacent to one another and you can connected them through a narrow niche just large enough for you to send the plates through. That would be an interesting design approach. Of course, you can also use the idea of a wall niche in a lot of other ways.

Small dining room with solid furniture

Even though this relatively small dining room has an over sized pendant lamp hanging above the table, the light fixture doesn’t overwhelm the decor. That’s because of its lightweight and delicate design. If you’re interested, you can even make something like this yourself using some yarn, an inflatable ball and some fabric stiffener.

Friendly and inviting room

Give the dining room a friendly and inviting look by creating a gallery wall on which you display framed photos of your family’s members. This wall can also be a source of color for the room if everything else is neutral or lacking character. Interior designer Annette Ekjord can offer you some inspiration in this sense.

Wood beams dining table

Bricks Studio gave this dining space an eclectic appearance by combining a series of elements such as thick exposed bricks, white slanted walls, a table with a robust solid wood top and an industrial-style metal frame and several elegant upholstered armchairs.

Wood stump table base

A rather different approach was used here where the wire mesh dining chairs have a very small impact on the room’s interior design. However, their role is to highlight the design of the table which has a solid wood base resembling a large portion of a tree’s trunk and a glass top.

Cozy dining room designed for a large family

The chairs are usually those that add color to a dining room if such an approach is desired. On rare occasions, however, that role is taken on by the table. The fact that this is not the usual approach makes such a design stand out. The unexpected combination can be quite refreshing.

Old and solid furniture can e recycled for dining room

Wire mesh chairs and glass tables are nice tricks you can use when you want to make a small dining room seem bigger. However, when space is not a problem, you can choose the opposite approach. Big and robust furniture pieces can be chosen in order to make a statement. Keep in mind however that balance is always the key.

Traditional rug for dining room

Define the dining space using an area rug. This strategy is very practical when the dining area shares an open plan with the kitchen or other functions. In addition, the area rug also allows you to add color, pattern and texture to the space. It can also be the element that links this zone to other key features in the house.

Indoo and outdoor living-dining connection

A long and narrow volume will feel less crowded and more spacious if you choose not to divide it with solid walls but rather to treat it as a single space housing two or more functions. The dining area can be one of them and you can take advantage of the high ceiling to display a set of low-hanging pendant lamps.

Shades of pink for dining area

If a corner by the staircase wall is all you can afford to dedicate to the dining area, you might as well make the most of the situation and turn this small volume into a cozy, bright and chic space. Alexandra Angle Interior Design can offer you some inspiration. The beautiful pastels and the carefully chosen proportions featured here are quite exquisite.

Design element for dining room - large high back bench

Deciding which design element is the most important in this case is an impossible task. The graphical chandelier, the industrial-style dining chairs, the checkerboard floor, the ornate mirror frame, the elegant round table and the wing-back seat all have their own role here.

Iconic rocking chairs for dining room

Using rocking chairs instead of regular dining chairs is a great idea which you can adapt to suit your own dining room’s design and decor. The rocking chairs would occupy some extra space compared to the alternatives. However, they’ll be an unexpected addition which will make the entire design memorable.

Yellow Accent pieces for dining area

There are many accent pieces which you can add to a dining room to make it look complete and beautiful. One of them can be a ladder style shelving unit. You can have it casually placed in the corner, leaning against one of the walls and you can use it to display personal items.

Rustic dinig shelf for dining room

This rustic dining room features a really interesting detail: a crocheted pair of lampshades for the ceiling fixtures. You can treat this as a DIY project and make your cozy pendant lamp cozy. It will make the room feel warm and comfy, especially during winter when all you can see outside the window is the gray sky and snowy surroundings.

Jordi canosa metalic base for dining table with wood on top

Tiled floors are typical to spaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom. However, this can also be an option in the case of the dining room. This design approach works well when the dining room and kitchen are basically one and the same or when you want the decor to stay country-chic and rustic.

Bricks floor option for dining room

There are also other interesting and unusual flooring options you can explore besides the usual wood boards and tiles. For example, check out this exposed brick pattern. There are several ways to get this look: with actual bricks, with patterned carpet, with tiles or by having the floor custom painted.

Large wood dining table with diff chairs

However, if you want to make the room feel cozy and inviting, a fluffy area rug is a much better option. Maison Hand offers us a very beautiful example of such a design. The rug is only one of the elements which make this room feel look beautiful and alluring. Other details include the soft color palette, the various chair designs and the simplicity of the wooden table.

Masculine dining room design

Add a bit of drama to a small dining area and make it look sumptuous and sophisticated by decorating it with patterned accent wallpaper, elegant but simplistic chairs, a chic round table in a contrasting color and a set of pendant lamps clustered above the table. The ones chosen by Beke Claessens for this space are simply perfect.

Dining table area on the balcony

Having a second dining area out on the balcony or terrace would definitely be refreshing. You could take advantage of it on those beautiful summer mornings when you want to enjoy breakfast outside or whenever you want to change the decor. A romantic dinner would sure be another wonderful option.

Rope wrapped lamp fixture

The little things often prove to have a big impact on a room’s decor and ambiance. Details such as the glass bottles turned into vases filled with fresh seasonal flowers or the imperfect lampshade which you’ve put together yourself have the potential to give a dining room the charm it needs to feel complete.

Bench and and dining chairs

Benches and dining chairs are often used together in dining rooms of all styles but not usually in the way they are displayed here. A bench doesn’t necessarily have to be placed against the wall or to cover the entire side of the table. You can have a small bench and a chair sit side by side for an interesting combo.

Sophisticate allure for dining room with white painted bricks

If you want to give your dining room a royal and sophisticate allure but also keep it modern and simple at the same time, then you’ll have to carefully select your furniture and accessories. A set of upholstered chairs with ornate wooden frames, high backrests and velvety red accents can be your ticket to success.{found on The Village}.

Iconic tulip table and plastic green chairs

There are no exact rules when it comes to eclectic interior designs. That’s because they’re always unique and result from the strong dialogue established between two or more different styles. In a lot of cases an eclectic dining room is defined by a variety of textures, patterns, colors and shapes each maintaining its uniqueness but all working together to form a whole.

Dining room with black walls and chairs but with a touch of green

A black wall can look dark and gloomy, elegant and sophisticated or plain and boring, depending on everything else around it. In this case, the wallpapered accent wall gives the dining room a particularly elegant and glamorous look. This is also because of the mirror displayed on this as well as the chandelier hanging above the wooden table.

Low dining table

The three over sized pendant lamps displayed in this dining area make the large table look quite small by comparison. This combination works because the interior design of this whole space is minimalist and the chromatic palette is intentionally kept simple and neutral.

French insired dining room

This dining room shows just how impact the placement is. Imagine the same table and chairs placed in a different room which didn’t have large glass doors and windows. The decor and the ambiance would surely be different in such a case.

100 Ideas For Dining Room Decors


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