Decadrages BedUp lifts up to the ceiling

Instead of folding towards a wall, this space-saving bed by French furnishings manufacture Décadrages can be hoisted up to the ceiling to generate more room in studio apartments.

BedUp’s beech bed-frame can be raised up to the ceiling with the mattress and bedding still in location, making use of a mechanism that only calls for a single hand to operate.

Decadrages BedUp lifts up to the ceiling BedUp Vision

It can also be lowered to a height of the user’s picking, enabling furniture to be left in place underneath.

The bed provides an option to the Murphy bed, which was designed in the early 1900s and folds out from a wall to conserve space.

Decadrages BedUp lifts up to the ceiling BedUp Vision

Décadrages described the idea as a “manually retractable mobile mezzanine” that gives a cozy sleeping area and “loft living room at will”. The design and style permits these in compact dwelling to squeeze an further eight square metres out of their residing area.

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The demand for room-effective furniture is higher, with far more individuals living alone, growing populations and rising property charges in main cities all foremost to smaller living spaces.

Earlier this year, a design graduate developed a storage method that hangs from the ceiling so it does not get up floor or wall room. Ikea has previously unveiled a restricted-edition assortment aimed at imaginative city dwellers faced with modest living spaces, even though Silje Nesdal presented a sofa bed, a shelving technique and a set of bookends – all developed for modest spaces.

Decadrages BedUp lifts up to the ceiling BedUp Cocoon

BedUp is accessible in two versions: Cocoon and Vision. Both come with optional extras that incorporate legs to establish the sleeping height, spotlights in its underside to illuminate the room beneath when it is pulled up, and a range of surrounding accessories which includes shelving, mirrors, ladders and climb-up storage units.

It can be installed in significantly less than a day and demands no supporting wall. Though various set up methods are obtainable, the most widespread is attaching it to the ceiling, with a suspension mechanism at one particular end and a backboard at the other.

Decadrages BedUp lifts up to the ceiling BedUp Cocoon

Other imaginative room-saving options include a box that produces a separate sleeping area and compact storage for studio flats, although far more can be identified in a Polish micro-apartment that measures just 13 square metres.



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