Hey all! Happy WEEKEND!

I’m back today with the answers to the annual birthday quiz my friend Chris and I do every year. It hurt our brains to come up with somewhat interesting facts about ourselves again, cause we’re boring. 🙂 But we did it! So here are the answers and the winner!

Has never learned to play an instrument?

I hang my head in shame – it’s me. My mother played piano, my Dad is a musician and plays the guitar and drums and my husband was a BAND DIRECTOR and is a composer. Ridiculous. I was in the marching band but I was in the guard. 😉

Never wears matching socks?

I’m weird but not that weird. That’s all Chris.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.28.28 AM

I’m guessing it makes getting ready in the morning easier?

Does not have pierced ears?

This one is Chris too. I have three ear piercings – the extra was back when that was cool. Is it still cool? Anyway I haven’t worn an earring in it for years and it won’t close.

Suffered whiplash from a mechanical bull?

Yeah, all me just a few months ago. I actually was fine riding the bull, it was when I was thrown off (twice) that the whiplash happened. I have had it from car accidents and interestingly enough, it hurt worse from the bull. 😉


Auditioned to be on The Wheel of Fortune?

This one was me! I was a poor college student and thought I could win some cash? I guess? Ha! I don’t even know – but I was SO not what they were going for. They traveled around to different cities for the tryouts and you had to practically scream the letter and do a cheerleader move to be peppy enough for them. I am many things but peppy is not one. I was all, “I’d like an “A”??” Not good enough for the Wheel!

Oh and side note – you have to pay your way out there so it wouldn’t have happened anyway!

Is a grandma?

ME! 🙂 This sweetness is my stepdaughter’s boy:

I’ve known my stepdaughter most of her life and feel like her “second” mom not stepmom, so I won’t ever call Cheeks my step grandbaby. He’s a JOY!!!! Can’t believe he’ll be one soon!!

Had horrible experiences on horses and will never ride them again?

This one was Chris but it was a hard one because like many things with Chris and I, we had similar experiences. I rode a horse as a child and HATED it. I haven’t ridden again but would consider it. Chris is just done. And I understand why.

Didn’t visit Disney until she was nearly 40?

This one was me! I never went as a kid and since both my husband and I travel to cool places for work we rarely schedule vacations outside of those trips. But last year we went (and then went back again) and we are HOOKED. We’re heading back this year and cannot wait!:


Favorite author is Jane Austen?

This one is Chris too – I think it’s mandatory since she’s an English teacher. 🙂 Honestly I don’t think I’ve read a Jane Austen book since high school? I’m more of a Gone Girl type.

The winner of our \$100 Target gift this year is Niki from JandE Doodles on Etsy – her shop is adorable, be sure to check it out!


I honestly can’t believe we were able to come up with more questions this year – it’s going to be rough next time. 🙂 You can check out our questions and answers from years past here and here!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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