Tools by Big-Game

Swiss design studio Big-Game has launched a range of doorknobs and handles inspired by the multi-faceted grip of pencils and handheld tools.

Tools by Big-Game

Big-Game was commissioned by Belgian decorative hardware company Vervloet to design the collection, named Tools after its source of inspiration, which includes a door lever-handle, a pull handle, a thumb turn lock, a coat peg and escutcheons – metal plates that fix around locks and handles.

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Facets are a direct reference to tools, industrial wrenches, pencils – objects that we are instinctively drawn to hold in our hand. At the same time facets are very decorative,” explained Big-Game designer Augustin Scott de Martinville.

Tools by Big-Game

Each item in the line has been milled from a bar of brass and hand polished to produce a high-gloss finish. The handles have twelve facets that are intended to subtly reflect light and give an added dimension to the simply shaped pieces.

“The language of the handles matches both classical and contemporary interiors, with straight surfaces reflecting the light while the gentle structure feels comfortable in the hand – like a beautiful set of quality tools,” the designers said.

Tools by Big-Game

The pull handle is formed from a solid rod of metal bent 90 degrees at either end to meet the door surface, while a tubular lever handle is paired with a rounded oblong escutcheon and lock.

The coat peg takes a conical shape that tapers towards the base. The twelve aspects of the level handle and coat peg give way to a gently domed end.

Tools by Big-Game

“We added a rounded convex edge on the end of the door lever handle and the coat peg – a detail we borrowed from pencils. We find this detail very sensual,” De Martinville told Dezeen.

All items in the collection are available with a polished chrome or bronze finish.

Tools by Big-Game

The interiors studio, known for their functional pieces, revealed a dual-purpose coat rack and display ledge for Danish brand Hay in Milan earlier this year.



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