kitchen sink

I’m focusing on the pretty in the kitchen. Just out of the view of the camera is a gross stack of dirty, un-rinsed, stinky dishes.

This is the subtle art of vignettes.

They are just one small part of the story, but can still stand alone.

And the beauty is if we can take the time to adjust our focus, vignettes are our best friend in our hunt for beauty.


Have you seen the vignette option in instagram? It darkens up the edges of the photo to help set the focus on a smaller part of the picture. Thank you vignettes.

wooden scrub brush

*when I put this photo on instagram I had lots of question about the little wooden scrub brush, I found it at world market, here’s a similar one on Amazon, I also love this ring version. More details about our kitchen are here.

Nesting Place


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