B29 Creates “James Bond Super Garage” In Switzerland For A Royal Client


Two giant lifts are concealed in the base of this garage in Switzerland, offering entry to a secret underground space in which a member of a royal family stores vintage cars and motorcycles (+ slideshow).

James Bond Garage by B29

The subterranean garage was created by Geneva studio B29 for a home near Lake Geneva, the place the owner – an undisclosed royal – keeps his classic autos and motorcycles, including an Austin Healey Sprite.

James Bond Garage by B29

The building provides protection for the valuable automobiles, as effectively as freeing up space ground degree to generate a “paddock spot” for manoeuvring.

James Bond Garage by B29

“The initial objective of this constructing was to case a collection of motorcycles and luxury autos,” studio founder Thomas Bregman. “It is sort of a man cave, or a James Bond super garage that our consumer ordered.”

“We have been interested in developing a task like a tailor would reduce a suit for his client,” he extra.

James Bond Garage by B29

The two automobile-sized lifts are operated by giant electrical pistons and are sheltered beneath a 7.5-metre-prolonged pitched roof. This is supported at one particular end by a little semi-glazed enclosure, which can be used for added parking and servicing.

James Bond Garage by B29

The linear roof is modelled on a 19th-century secure block, but rather of the traditional timber bracing, the structure is built from concrete and brick.

James Bond Garage by B29

“These days, the racehorses are replaced by effective engines and particular custom cars cherished by their owners,” said the architect.

James Bond Garage by B29

The pre-stressed V-beam was created by Swiss firm SB Engineer to resist winter snow falls and sturdy winds.

James Bond Garage by B29

Under ground, the inner conditions of the garage – including temperature, lighting and humidity – can be controlled from an app on the client’s mobile phone. The app also delivers feedback on the building’s vitality consumption.

James Bond Garage by B29

Similarly, an electrical car is parked in the living space of a former carpenter’s workshop in the Netherlands, which Rotterdam studio OxL converted into a property.

James Bond Garage by B29Site prepare – click for bigger image James Bond Garage by B29Prolonged area – click for more substantial picture James Bond Garage by B29Cross section – click for greater picture

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