All-in-one particular digital table for Ikea suggests recipes primarily based on leftover substances

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: a group of students have developed a concept kitchen table for Ikea, which acts as an integrated cooking hob and dining table and can recommend recipes primarily based on components you place on it (+ movie).

Concept Kitchen 2025 at Ikea Temporary

The interactive table, which was created by college students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Engineering together with design consultancy IDEO, can determine an ingredient placed on it via a camera and picture-recognition technological innovation.

Concept Kitchen 2025 at Ikea Temporary

It will then propose other ingredients to mix with it and can take the user by means of a full phase-by-step recipe through instructions projected immediately onto the surface of the table.

“It sees what grocery you place onto it and decides via colour, form and size what grocery it is,” explains Lund University student Ingrid Allenbach in the film. “It will then propose what will go nicely with it and give you recipes to guidebook you by means of how to cook them.”

Concept Kitchen 2025 at Ikea Temporary

The thought behind the table, which was presented as element of a concept kitchen for 2025 at the Ikea Short-term present in Milan, is to promote cooking and decrease the volume of foods that gets thrown away.

“The things inside your home should support you be far more mindful of the food you have,” says Allenbach. “We want to get men and women more engaged with their foods — truly touching and doing work with their meals — rather than just poking at a display.”

Concept Kitchen 2025 at Ikea Temporary

Magnetic coils created to fit within the table could also enable it to act as an induction hob, allowing customers cook straight on the wooden surface. The table consists of a crank, which means its prime can be lowered so that it is the proper height to eat at soon after getting ready food.

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“It is a multipurpose table,” explains Allenbach. “You can consume on it, you can put together meals on it, you can cook on it. You cook with a heat-insulated pan so it does not leave any burn marks on the wood.”

Concept Kitchen 2025 at Ikea Temporary

Another notion presented at Idea Kitchen 2025 was a notion for a “noticeable fridge”. Rather than storing perishable meals in a closed refrigerated box, the students and IDEO designed a series of induction shelves on which personal cooled containers can be positioned.

“You can set each container on an optimal temperature, depending on what you have in it,” Allenbach explains. “Fish or meat require a considerably cooler temperature than cheese or milk, for instance.”

Concept Kitchen 2025 at Ikea Temporary

Each of the containers attributes a transparent lid, so meals is clearly noticeable at all times and so significantly less likely to go off and be thrown away. Empty containers can be switched off to save energy.

“The fantastic point about the visible fridge is that only cools in which you actually have some thing on it, so it uses considerably much less electricity than the fridges you have right now,” says Allenbach. “I hope that in the long term people will reside a a lot more sustainable lifestyle and I consider that style can aid them to obtain that.”

Ingrid Allenbach, student at Lund University Ingrid Allenbach, pupil at Lund University

This film was filmed in Milan at Ikea Short-term. The music is a track named Trash Digital by Uk producer 800xL.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers is an ongoing collaboration with MINI exploring how design and style and engineering are coming together to shape the potential.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers

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