Hello everybody and happy Friday! Let&#8217s leap correct in right now, shall we? Okay so I&#8217ve been following London-based mostly interior designer Abigail Ahern for several years, particularly given that meeting her in London when she spoke at a single of my mood board workshops at Anthropologie in 2011. In reality, you can see her below speaking at an event I had with her as a guest sharing her very very own mood board. I keep in mind thinking at that time that we&#8217d have to keep in touch due to the fact I actually appreciated her vision and thoughts all around style and I appreciated how she pushes the envelope when it comes to decorating &#8211 that nothing need to ever be boring or best. That Bold is quite, very excellent.


I not too long ago noticed that Abigail was renovating a wall in her residing area which has become a bit of the iconic Abigail style function as I usually feel of this living area and the bookcase wallpaper as being really Abigail. When I saw she would be ripping it down, I had to request her why and if she&#8217d share the new feature wall with all of us today and she agreed &#8211 so here it is along with a quick interview.






Okay so my 1st query, why Superman?
AH: My studio desk is on the balcony overlooking this wall, so I essential one thing inspiring. When I’m getting one of my a lot of conundrums or twelve hour working days, I can glance across at him and be reminded to in no way give up. Superman is my motivation! (Note: Painting is known as, &#8220Look! Up in the sky!&#8221 by artist Barbara Smith).

Why did you eliminate the bookcase wallpaper?
AH: I’ve had the bookcase wallpaper for yonks, ever because I very first painted the property dark. Although I really loved it I felt like it was time for a alter with the darker palette. Plus the paint looked so stunning on the walls I wished every thing in it. I ummed and ahhed a lot prior to performing it but now I wonder what took me so lengthy!

Would seem you went from colorful moody (before) to natural moody (soon after). What inspired the lack of colour?
AH: Nowadays I opt for a much more reigned in colour palette and sophisticated glam vibe, rather than vivid pops of colour. When I designed my paint range I painted the total property out in my new colours, which are deeper, darker and a lot more saturated than I&#8217d ever gone just before. All of a sudden the bright pops looked a bit as well garish for my liking! So rather than employing colour, the wow element now comes from both playing with scale (like the oversized artwork pieces and jumbo cactus) or from using intriguing texture and components (the nearly “caveman”-esque Dawlish console!)

What is the paint color and brand? Why dark with spring/summertime approaching?
AH: The paint colour is Madison Grey from my own paint variety &#8211 a beautiful, bottom of the lake grey hue with undertones of green. It changes subtly with the light, and it&#8217s my all-time favourite, all year round. Plus in the summertime all the greenery stands out superbly towards dark walls, with my forest-y garden past.

What inspired the green thumb? Are the plants true or faux?
AH: Every single one of the plants are faux, from my new very own-label. When I was creating my SS15 collection I took a cowboy theme and ran with it, so we have all these outstanding desert-inspired botanicals and jumbo sized cactus. A enormous delivery of the cactus turned up on my doorstep when we have been functioning on the samples, and because then I’ve been obsessed with adding them to every room in the house.

The place is the credenza from and the print?
AH: It’s the Dawlish sideboard from my retailer. The print, Lelia, is by photographer is Hannah Lemholt.

I enjoy the placement of your television – yours is so cleverly concealed. Can you give readers some ideas on concealing a Television?
AH: The Television is mounted on a swivel arm, so it can be tucked quietly away when we’re not watching it. It’s important for me to be able to disguise it, as I would by no means ever want the telly to be a attribute! The simplest trick you can do when it comes to concealing TVs is to paint the wall out behind it in a dark hue (yes, I am on a mission to attempt to convert everybody to the dark side!)

What’s the secret of going dark and moody in a room with out it feeling depressing?
AH: That’s an effortless one to answer, since I in no way find dark interiors depressing! They’re exceptionally comforting and cocooning, although even now being glam. The trick is to reign in the colour palette, and let the walls generate all the drama. You also want to nail the lighting, and add a handful of far more lamps than you typically would, but that is pretty much it.

What&#8217s in the pipeline for you Abigail (any projects we must appear out for)?
AH: My new book, COLOUR, is out on 23rd April. It’s a significantly larger, fatter tome than my prior books, packed with my prime tips for daring colors, and lovely photos that we shot in some of the coolest properties around the globe. I’ve desired to do one thing on colour forever, so I’m truly thrilled about it. I’m also in the approach of tweaking my AW15 personal label collection, while at the exact same time doing work on SS16 Finally, if I can squeeze it in we&#8217ve received plans to take the Style School to Australia and American this 12 months so its pretty full on!

Thanks Abigail for dropping in today &#8211 have a wonderful weekend and considerably good results on your upcoming guide!

(pictures: best: Mark Wilson residing rooms: Abigail Ahern)



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