Middle Bath BEFOREI almost did not share this bathroom “ahead of” (there are a couple spaces I did not share just because I have no clue what we’re performing in them yet!), but I recently started creating a more powerful vision for this bathroom. So I made the decision at the final minute to throw it up and share. My preferred parts of sharing all my “before” spaces have been a. figuring out for myself what I want to do while creating the notes on each photo, and b. hearing what YOU would do.

This bathroom is in the hallway in between all the bedrooms. Given that we’re planning to have kid soonish (*not pregnant, just sharing our future plans and dreams, and we’re organizing to live in this property for a long time), we love that there is a space that could be sort of designated for kiddo stuff separate from our bathroom and the guest space. BUT considering that we don’t have any kiddos yet, I am not letting that long term plan influence how I decorate it. Well, possibly I am a Tiny bit (like it really is sorta in the quite back of my thoughts), but I am absolutely not decorating it to seem like a kid’s room, and I know it can always be edited later when our wants alter. For now it really is just an additional bathroom in the hallway, and considering that our master bathroom is being remodeled, it really is been Very needed.

We have presently completed a couple of the items on my above listing, but this will FOR Sure be the final bathroom we full. So it’s going to appear half finished for a minor while and I am a hundred% Ok with that. Right after generating a bunch of layout selections quickly (many before we even moved in), I genuinely enjoy slow decorating where I can get my time and alter my thoughts prior to committing.

As with most of the other rooms in our residence, this space commenced out rather seventies searching. We needed to update it and give it a fresh new look. And because I’ve already made the decision to do a Quite white area for the master bath, I want to consider something far more colorful, patterned or bold in this space.

SmAR5A4907SmAR5A4907I kind of want to change all the finishes in this area. But I have no concept what colours or design and style to choose. All I know is the far more I live with this room, the much more I really feel like I could do some thing more exciting or bold in right here…maybe with pattern!

SmAR5A4909SmAR5A4909There are two separate rooms in right here. 1 for the vanity and 1 for the tub/shower and toilet. I nonetheless want to decorate them as a single space, but there will be a great deal much more white tile in this portion, so I cannot do as considerably with paint colours.

SmAR5A4909Here is another see of the long, skinny bathroom. It really is a little rough about the edges, but it has TONS of potential. You agree?

SmAR5A4911Here is a near up of the floors. Sadly, I liked this tile pattern and would have stored it if it weren’t for the numerous massive cracks. So unhappy.

Anyway! I am enthusiastic for when we get to the level of giving this room a Complete makeover. For now we have just updated some of the much more practical aspects (it has a new counter, new tile and fixtures and a new toilet), but it is nonetheless the same pale blue shade (with plenty of drywall patches) and hasn’t been decorated at all. The good information is, I Enjoy getting tasks on the horizon to search forward to.

Thanks for letting me share our 1970s house. Only One more “prior to” publish and then it is time for a Good deal of progress reports! xx. Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson.


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