Mid-June is one of the best times for flowers, because for just a few short weeks, peony season and dahlia season overlap. That means that along with garden roses, some of our most favorite flowers are all available! There are some truly spectacular seasonal foliages available to compliment these lush blooms, including poke weed and variegated beech (a very special branch that can only be harvested every other year). Thanks to Loop Flowers, we’ve put together some seasonal arrangements that highlight the rare beauty of this time of year. 

Photography: Christina McNeill



Flowers from left to right: poke weed, sweet pea, cosmo, yarrow, echinacea pod, tranquility garden rose, variegated beech, three varieties of bi color and pom dahlias, bowl of cream peony, and eremerus.



It’s hard to go wrong with bright white cosmos, and soft pink yarrow adds textural interest. We love the rustic elegance of the entire arrangement—perfect for a midsummer night’s celebration. 


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