The fact that natural stone is so popular in the interior arrangement, is no miracle. Time completely apart from the fact that the various colors and grains attractive Hingucker represent, the material is still extremely washed and wear and durable. For these reasons stone is also suitable so perfectly for kitchens and there it can be used in the most different areas. Where just you can use natural stone in the kitchen and which stone kinds are suitable best, get to know the following lines. Enchant yourselves by the variety and decide you later the perfect kitchen design for your equipment.
Stone brings so some advantages with itself. First of all, in the areas which are strained constantly the material represents the perfect surface. There and pushing over of pots and other tableware does not damage the surface.
But caution! This is considered only to hard rocks to which granite and basalt belong. So popular the noble marble is also, it belonged just like limestone to the soft rocks on which scores can appear.
The fact that natural stone is extremely heatproof, we must not mention, actually, at all. To burn marks or discolorations by strong heat are completely no problem. But also here it depends on the stone kind.
On account of its naturalness, no pollutants are contained in this material. Natural stones are smell-neutral and also do not take other smells. Pay attention to a choice of, however, at all costs to the certification!


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