When the architects and designers of this apartment first met their clients, they were relieved to hear their wishes. Both parties were staring off in the same direction. A young, yet already big family, wished to turn their downtown Moscow apartment into a classical American house. And what is American style? Bold and brash Americans adore to mix designer cocktails, the ingredients of which are borrowed from Spanish, French, Scandinavian, Greek, Italian and other styles. Considered as a kind of “advanced acrobatics” is the ability to link plenty of stylistic quotations within a single space and do it so that a new extraordinary story was born in the end.


One more typical feature of American style is rational utilization of space. In favor of this point a few doors in the public zone of the flat were abandoned. Also, the way of furniture arrangement is typical of American apartments – pieces of furniture are put in the middle of the room, instead of placing them along the walls. And to bring all the functional areas of the public zone – living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway – together, the designer applied the same pattern and color of classical wooden panelling on the walls, invisible doors leading to private rooms and on the doors of wardrobes.


Besides “decorative lights“, this project features a system of professional technical lighting allowing for different scenarios. The architects decided to finish the floor of the open-concept living room and kitchen with noble white marble, while bedrooms and a “rug” area in the living room were laid with oak parquetry of sweet honey hue.

2-1-American-style-interior-wooden-wall-panelling-doors-hallway-corridor-living-room-marble-floor-tiles-oak-parquetry-rug-mixed-floor-materials-green-sofabi-color-curtains-blue 2-2-American-style-interior-wooden-wall-panelling-invisible-door-living-room-velvet-sofa-blue-green-bio-fireplace-TV-metal-coffee-tables-big-home-library-book-shelves-sconces-classical-picture

These classical motifs are competently mixed with brutal glass walls in a black metal frame that can be found between the kitchen and living room, and between a master bedroom and a walk-in closet.

3-1-American-style-interior-wooden-panelling-glass-wall-between-kitchen-and-living-room-black-metal-frame-big-home-library-blue-velvet-sofa-bio-fireplace-coffee-table 3-2-American-style-interior-blue-wooden-wall-panelling-transparent-glass-wall-between-kitchen-dining-and-living-room-black-frame-sliding

One more modern component of the interior is a sleek hi-tech-style kitchen set made from black Kerlite (innovative slim ceramic granite) and painted metal.


Both bathrooms stick to the general trend of classical-and-modern mixture as well: in them the same white marble is found next to absolutely contemporary bathroom furniture and sanitary ware.


Besides, the clients insisted on having as many storage zones as possible. The architects did an excellent job here as well: not only did they envisage plenty of storage spots, but also improved the geometry of the rooms this way.

6-1-American-style-interior-blue-wooden-wall-panelling-bedroom-upholstered-bed-white-headboard-transparent-glass-wall-metal-frame-walk-in-closet-entrance-sconces 6-2-American-style-interior-wooden-wall-panelling-built-in-closets-blue-home-library-gray-wallpaper-sofa-backlights-sconces-bedroom-upholstered-bed

In terms of color schemes, the rooms are quite different and similar at the same time. Though the designers applied many pretty bright and saturated colors, both the masters and their guests deem this apartment very light, cozy and organic.




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