Having a well-lighted apartment has significant benefits to your mood and overall well-being. Regular exposure to natural light gives your body a boost in Vitamin D, helps with depression and stress, and reduces your chances of having bad eyesight.

Proper lighting helps with your health, and it also makes your place cozy and relaxed. With the proper furniture arrangement and lighting, you can boost your apartment’s vibe and color. With these easy tips, you will surely be able to brighten up your place to make it cozier and your stay more comfortable.

Do Some Paintwork

The most basic thing you can do to brighten up your place is to paint it with a lighter color. However, before you go ahead and paint your walls and ceiling, you might want to contact your property manager and ask him if you can paint your apartment. If they’re adamant about not letting you paint, you can make them feel at ease by hiring a professional painter.

If they gave you a thumbs up, you could start by painting your ceiling first. Consider painting it white as this color would make your place seem broader and more prominent. Painting the walls with light green, yellow, or blue hues will make your room bigger and lighter, which is the opposite of painting your apartment with dark colors like brown and red. Also, these colors reflect a lot of natural light, so if you slightly lack it, you can amp it up with these colors.

Ceiling Fixtures

Aside from painting and using certain colors to make your room look and feel bigger, you can also try adding a ceiling fixture. Ceiling lights will direct attention to the ceiling, which gives your apartment the feeling of a more prominent place. Also, they give the illusion of the place being bigger than what it is.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can remove all the other light sources and rely alone on the ceiling lights. Ceiling lights can only act as a standalone source of artificial light if your place is abundant in natural light.

Only Use Light Bulbs that are Under 40 Watts

Using light bulbs over 40 watts is more applicable in places like the garage or your shed. However, since we are talking about the inside of the apartment, you will need light bulbs that are a little less bright to make your place seem more relaxed and cozy. Using energy-efficient light bulbs will even be better because of the savings you will get in the long term.

Try Using More Lamps

Try Using More Lamps

Many places suffer from a deficit of natural light because they don’t experience that many sunny days. This can take a toll on the people living in these areas as they can suffer from seasonal affective disorder. However, with the use of a mixture of lamps, you can avoid risking your health due to the lack of natural light.

Using table lamps and wall-mounted ones can significantly give your apartment a boost in lighting. You can try using a mixture of floor lamps and table lamps to give you more ambient lighting, especially if you use LED bulbs. One good thing to remember when choosing the right height of your table lamps is to make sure it is on your eye level when you are sitting beside it.

Try Incandescent Light

One way to make your apartment more inviting is to use incandescent light. They give off a soft yellow light, which makes your body more relaxed, promoting a longer and better quality of sleep. However, using blue light does the opposite because it suppresses the melatonin in your body that you need to sleep.

Use Mirrors

Placing a mirror in a room can promote more natural light because they reflect a lot of them. It will instantly make your room brighter and less dependent on artificial lighting. Also, it helps you save money by reducing your usage of lamps and other artificial light sources. If you are considering using mirrors, try using one that is wide and has a slim frame to maximize the light reflected while not taking up too much room.

Try Try Dimmer Switches

Try Dimmer Switches

Installing dimmer switches is easy and affordable. All you have to do is turn off the circuit breaker, remove the switch, check the wires using a voltage tester, install the dimmer switch, then screw them close. But, if you don’t want to be bothered with that, contact a professional.

Dimmers are a flexible way of lighting up your apartment. With dimmers, you can regulate the lighting in a room at your will and change the atmosphere. You could also use them to change the mood of the room instantly.


Living in an apartment that lacks natural lighting can affect you psychologically and physically. But you can avoid this by using lighting techniques that boost natural light or make up for the lack of it.  With the tips mentioned above, your dimly lit apartment will instantly turn into a well-lit place that is more welcoming and relaxing. Or you could also check out BMA for cozy and comfortable apartments.