A number of weeks in the past I ultimately received to drag the mish-mash of plastic tubs and cardboard boxes out from underneath Charlotte&#8217s bed and roll in some new, flawlessly proportioned timber drawers instead.

DIY Underbed Storage Boxes | The Painted Hive

Despite the fact that authentic explained &#8220mish-mash&#8221 was jammed in there pretty tightly the additional storage these custom-sized drawers offer is wonderful!

When I very first started out arranging the (sorely needed) below-bed storage for Charlotte&#8217s room, I had two major specifications 1) it had to be quite &#8211 as it would be relatively visible, and 2) it essential to make the absolute most of the obtainable area &#8211 simply because, heaven understands, we want all the storage we can get! With that in mind my original concept was straightforward cane baskets. Definitely I&#8217d be in a position to locate some appropriately sized ones which didn&#8217t price one zillion dollars. Appropriate? Failing that, I was assured about the prospect of hunting down some thing ugly (once more, appropriately sized) which could at least be made a lot more attractive. Correct?

Ah, apparently not. I didn&#8217t go crazy with my search although every thing I found was both as well little, too big or waaay also expensive. Frown.

Sooooo, given my lack of achievement I made a decision it was time to pull out the electrical power equipment!

Now, if you&#8217re something like me, creating from scratch is most likely a last resort. I don&#8217t know what it is specifically, possibly the further time it sucks, the probability of stuffing up or just the plain &#8216unknown&#8217 of it all, even though some thing about it can truly feel all also challenging. In this case, even though, after months of fruitless looking, I came to the conclusion that customized constructing was in fact the simpler option. And, thanks to our new precision resources, it genuinely was!

Making Underbed Storage Boxes

I didn&#8217t publish a total tutorial for these boxes because, effectively, they&#8217re boxes (I&#8217m sure there are a heap of excellent tutorials out there presently). On leading of that, my husband really did the bulk of the construction perform whilst I stored the children out of his hair and he employed some fancy strategies way beyond my typical lower, glue and screw comfort zone 🙂

The boxes are produced from ply (my go to), have provisions for dividers and neat little rabbet jointed corners (yes, I did just have to Google that!).

DIY Wooden Storage Boxes

They also have recessed bases to accommodate clever spanning rollers &#8211 so they look like they truly rest on the floor though can be easily moved about.

DIY Underbed Storage Boxes Custom Rollers

Fundamental castors would suffice although I think my husband desired to play close to with our new equipment. That&#8217s most likely part of the explanation he went all fancy in the 1st area!

I went for three boxes so they aren&#8217t overly heavy and can be maneuvered around a single one more and any overlapping furnishings (a should offered the small scale of the space).

I haven&#8217t extra handles or something but, and am not sure if I will. Aesthetically it would kinda be pointless as when they&#8217re in spot only the extremely bottoms are visible, and from a sensible perspective it&#8217s effortless adequate to attain beneath the valance, grab the prime of a box and pull it out. Speaking of the valance, it&#8217s a straightforward DIY manufactured from an inexpensive linen-search tablecloth. We essential one thing to cover the metal bed rail and some ugly exposed brackets and though I truly liked the thought of using a wooden rail I didn&#8217t want some thing reliable which would restrict storage height. Having a flexible skirt ensures no vertical space is misplaced.

I have dreams of painting the box interiors with a enjoyable pop of pink &#8211 possibly that will happen one day &#8211 even though given the exteriors are noticeable I did stain and seal them for a nice, wealthy finish.

Underbed Storage Boxes

I employed some left-in excess of Feast Watson Brown Japan stain, which I at first imagined was way as well dark, even though it mellowed out significantly when I applied some Scandinavian Oil (three coats) and it actually works actually effectively with the existing antique dresser.

DIY Custom Underbed Stoage Boxes | The Painted Hive

I&#8217m loving how finished these boxes are creating the area ultimately truly feel. That mentioned, there is even now a ways to go. When I began decorating this space Charlotte wasn&#8217t even two yet. Effectively, she&#8217s four up coming month. 4! When did that come about? Of course, with the ascent of her age comes the emergence of &#8220her&#8221. As such, what was initially my solo vision of a fairly neutral and fairly basic farmhouse style room has evolved into a collaborative concept which now accommodates her blossoming sense of self&#8230and I enjoy that! Truth is, I&#8217m not smitten with the existing really feel anyway. It is pretty however possibly a minor as well so, and all I hold considering is how it would make a lovely guest area &#8211 for an adult. It definitely requirements a bit far more playfulness and spunk. Remain tuned!

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