Are you hunting for a distinctive and hip Bookshelf? Then appear no additional. The Stick-assortment or Presse Citron was the style substitute to the traditional Bookshelf.

Citron presse largstick bookshelf

Presse Citron is a effective French layout brand That a lot of practical house add-ons on the market with an eye for design. The Stick series HAS grown into one of Their classics. This practical shelves resemble picture frames. They exist in different formats. Mix the diverse formats for an extra nice result.

The default dimension from the Stick assortment costs € 34.99 and is for sale in this on the web shop. Because the shelves Stick a business good results to diverse formats Decided Presse Citron Appeared on the marketplace. This Means That for each area have a suit printable guide rack.

big stick citron presse bookshelf

The Substantial stick is ideal for a little but prolonged book collection. With its 36.5 cm length you can use him a whole lot of special books formats. This rack Can also be employed for other stuff. How about a fun area for your favorite perfume or houseplant? This hip living accessory offers a whole lot of choices.

high stick citron presse bookshelf

The Largstick is the WIDEST model from the Stick series. He is about 59 cm broad, so it produced a good deal of stuff. In Addition to books, he is ook ideal to store odds and ends That you can give a place anyplace else. It is offered in diverse colors zoals dark gray, lichen and gray. Mix freely with different formats to develop a great wall books.

Stick bookshelf citron presse

For People hunting for a deep Bookshelf to accommodate bigger books, pick ideal for the Bigstick. These books wall is 36.eight cm deep. Thereby you can bet more substantial books. Perfect for students That massive hand books or readers a place. By this enjoyable layout It would seem like you have your books balanced seem at a image frame. This research Appears Out of the blue a pack significantly less dull! Because he is made of metal, he can consider a beating. It is available in different colours.


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