An eclectic urban atmosphere fills this Hong Kong restaurant and creates a dynamic ambiance for unforgettable dining experience; its design solution combines the sparkling glitter of modern jazzy interior and the robust, industrial shapes of the contemporary choices and geomantic figures.



In the busy city life of Hong Kong, the sophisticated culinary experience has a particular place, so when the owners of the restaurant and Chef Laris went for a refreshing and redesigning the traditional concept of steakhouse they naturally turned to Kokaistudios or offering a visionary and stylish interior choices. Providing luxurious and comfortable tone of the decor the designers combined classic furniture with unusual shapes of decor panels, flooring and ceiling. The bustling environment of this big restaurant( with all its features – chef’s counter, meat locker, main dining room, lounge, semi-private dining room, terrace and bar) the premises enjoy also a striking and exceptionally rare 6-metre ceiling height, with its parametric, three-dimensional ceiling composed by mirror, brass and grey timber.

The dark, moody color palette of the restaurant design is underlined by the sparkling reflections of the brass and copper surfaces and the dynamic illumination provided form the complex lighting installation. Like in many modern restaurants’ decors the lighting scheme plays a significant role in the interior design arrangement and artistry. The illumination provided by individual lamp installations, innovations, technical and design choices becomes very important even central part of the interior design solution for public spaces like restaurant and bars. The artistry of the decor combinations depends on the ingenuity of the light arrangement, in this case, a memorable play of three-dimensional shapes, hidden lighting solutions, designer’s lamps and, of course, the astonishing wall-mounted sculpture of light by Berlin-based artist – Brittany Gould. Luxury materials and elements like the white marble structures, the moving leather panels and the rich wine cellar give additional charm and unforgettable atmosphere for this dining composition.










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