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One of my ambitions for the future is to collect a price range huge ample to be in a position to stroll into my favorite galleries and buy the Artwork correct of the wall, but until finally then, I have to uncover substitute ways to decorate my property. I’m positive you’ve noticed that recently there is a large demand for minimalistic, blurry seeking Artwork. The kind of Artwork, which helps make you consider – ‘I can do it, maybe I could paint it at home’. I have to be trustworthy here, I’ve been tempted for a although to get some white canvas and search inner artist in me, but then it felt variety of strange to admit I was going to paint some thing. If you in no way painted anything at all (maybe apart from Artwork classes back at college) it may come to feel like driving a car for the 1st time – looks simple, but it will take a although to get comfortable with. This is why prior to you choose to paint a portrait of your youngsters, try out with an abstract design, making use of limited colours, for a greater chance to do well. The excellent thing about abstract paintings is that it just can’t go incorrect!

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Blurring aids to improve the colors whilst hiding the shapes and varieties, providing the picture dreamy, mind blogging feeling. I locate myself starring at the blurry artwork, striving to figure out what is the story behind it, which is in fact extremely soothing.

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Confession – this is actually the second painting I made, I did not like the very first 1, so if it also takes place to you, really do not stop there. Experiment, get inventive, attempt your abilities till you generate one thing that you like.

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Here is what I used:

  • massive sheet of paper / canvas
  • dark blue and white paint
  • little paint roller applicator


I squeezed out a drop of dark blue paint on a piece of paper and run the roller applicator by way of it. Then I painted the pattern on the white sheet of paper. It is critical that you begin with a drop of paint – as this is how you produce the ‘drop looking’ design and style. Apply a few rows of it to fill up the whole sheet of paper (attempting to make them overlap in number of factors). Then I repeat the identical process with a white paint, applying the pattern on leading of the dark blue 1. This is how I obtained the blurry result.

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I see rain drops in this painting, what is your interpretation? Is it your type of Artwork?

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