really miss this pretty, finished laundry room that we had in the rental. For \$175 it went from builder average to photogenic. Our currently laundry area needs a lot more than that to make it come together, so as I plot and plan I’ll study what it is I like and don’t like about past laundry rooms (perk of moving 14 times!).

Even in the laundry area we can create a little beauty by adding some cut branches, a textural basket or a pretty container for the laundry detergent. Take control of where the pretty is in your space today and sprinkle it around to unexpected places.


And now for my real life…I got out from behind the computer, walked onto our back porch and snapped a photo of our laundry room at 9:30 am October 17. Five minutes ago. It’s not pretty.

october laundry

“Owning” your home takes an entirely different kind of patience and self talking and encouragement than renting. You see, our currently laundry room is in a porch that’s an add-on. The foundation is bad so it’s on a major slope (basically falling off the house) hence the wood under the front of the washer. We removed the wood on the walls of this porch so we could use them to floor the kitchen (long story) and even finishing the temporary walls feels like a waste at times because at some point we have to fix this floor and all the walls will go back to another wonky state.

If it were a rental, I’d slap some paint on everything and forget about it–because it would be the only thing I was allowed to do and that I’m responsible for.  Since it’s our home that we’ll keep for years (hopefully) I feel all protective of doing it in order and feel like I need to get the structure right before I make it pretty.

Maybe I just need to get over my trying-to-be-adult-self and realize I can leave it ugly until the foundation is fixed and go ahead and make it beautiful until the foundation is fixed and then make ajustments. Either way the foundation will probably be repaired on the exact same day. I get to choose if I want it pretty now, or after I deem things worthy of being beautiful.

Why do I sabotage myself?

*note this is the entrance into our home that everyone uses!

Nesting Place


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