Final week, I talked about that I was building a quantity of things, such as some thing organizational for my house office. I&#8217ve completed two out of the four total that will be set up, but needed to go ahead and share the modified ideas with you for my wood stamp assortment display!

office ledge 3

These wood stamp storage programs are heavily based mostly on Ana White&#8217s \$ten ledges, but a 1&#2154 is somewhat too wide to match the narrow space behind the door. Instead, I employed 1x3s for the bottom and back of each and every ledge, which also lowers the expense down even far more to close to \$4-5 per ledge (because I was going to paint them, I chose pine boards that are just slightly nicer quality than furring strips you can also make these by ripping down some MDF, which will paint nicely too).

behind the door ledge

I bought six-foot-long boards and simply minimize them in half to make every ledge, then screwed them together in the garage with my Kreg Jig. With some wood glue and my nail gun, I tacked on a piece of 1&#2152 to the front to use as a lip to hold the stamps from sliding off (most rubber stamp displays do not use a lip, but I&#8217ve found that that&#8217s also how they wind up on the floor).

I primed every shelf before putting in, but caulked and painted as soon as they were along the wall.

A three-foot-long ledge can in fact be relatively cumbersome if you&#8217re trying to install it by by yourself, so I found that the simplest issue to do was to 1st uncover the studs with a stud finder and mark them with painter&#8217s tape&#8230

Then, screw in the very first screw into the ledge just enough to allow the screw to poke by means of by a small bit on the other side, which will grab the drywall when pushing towards it.

I held the ledge with one particular hand whilst employing the drill in the other to safe the ledge slightly to the wall. Don&#8217t worry if issues get kind of wonky when undertaking this if you leave adequate wiggle area to straighten factors out again, you can use your second screw to make everything degree.

Tip: You&#8217ll very likely have a couple of pencil marks nonetheless visible when you&#8217re finished, but I&#8217ve discovered that an oil-free makeup wipe works as great for getting rid of stray marks as nicely as it does your eyeliner!

Then caulk, paint, and stock your shelves as essential.

The lip along the backside of the ledge serves as an additional spot for some of my smaller sized stamps that would otherwise hide if they had been caught behind the larger ones (and keeping the greater ones in front keeps the complete assortment seeking a lot more organized).

wood stamp collection

I have a massive box of rubber stamps, many of which are designed to make into wood or paper ornaments with embossing powder. Perhaps with these now out of the back of my closet and onto a show shelf, I&#8217ll in fact wind up utilizing them a lot more (and when I do later on this yr, I&#8217ll display you how to make some of people ornaments your self).

office ledge 4

A single much more piece of organization in the workplace = 1 significantly less bit of clutter. There&#8217s plenty more to share with you this week!

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