Seoul studio OBBA hung thin white strips about this temporary pavilion, created as a resting location for guests to an outdoor art exhibition (+ film).

The Oasis by OBBA

The white Oasis framework offered seating and shade in the course of the Amorepacific Museum of Artwork Venture exhibition (APMAP) earlier this year.

The Oasis by OBBA

“We created this pavilion in order to create a place the audience can escape from the heat of the sun and relax so that they can completely appreciate the rest of exhibition,” OBBA founder Sojung Lee told Dezeen. “It really is almost like an oasis in the desert.”

The Oasis by OBBA

The yearly modern art exhibition travels around the workplaces of the cosmetic brand Amorepacific in South Korea, moving each and every year. The 2015 edition took spot at the Alvaro Siza-designed Amorepacific Investigation and Design and style Centre in Seoul.

The Oasis by OBBA

Accompanying 15 other artist’s function, the framework also acted as a focal level in between artworks exhibited in the big discipline adjacent to the creating.

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“Located at the midpoint of the exhibition path, Oasis offers a spot for rest as properly as a see of the performs currently witnessed and the rest of the function on the trail,” Lee mentioned.

The Oasis by OBBA

Fourteen columns – each and every 60 millimetres in diameter – ran along the perimeter of the steel kidney-shaped roof.

Layers of thin polyester threads formed a curtain-like facade that hid the supporting columns from the outside.

The Oasis by OBBA

“By producing the columns as modest as we can and camouflaging them with curtains, the pavilion appears virtually like it is floating,” Lee stated.

The curtain connected to the roof along a runner and could be pulled back or removed in case of a typhoon or injury.

The Oasis by OBBA

“It is extremely light, silky and soft” stated Lee. “It repeatedly produces opening and closing of the area by the winds. The curtain blurs the boundary of pavilion every single minute, so it changes its kind and provides new experience to audience.”

To minimize the mass of the roof, the architects designed a huge circular opening that exposed part of the interior to the sky.

The Oasis by OBBA

“By generating a huge opening to the sky, the pavilion can maintain its overall size with a stability in between openness and shade,” Lee told Dezeen. “Also, this opening aids the roof weigh much less so the quantity columns can be fewer and the size of columns can be smaller.”

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White circular seats have been positioned on the floor under the oculus, delivering spots for site visitors to rest.

The Oasis by OBBA

Similarly, circular plates have been attached at various heights to the five columns beneath the shade.

“By putting them at different levels, individuals can have diverse and numerous knowledge,” said Lee. “They can sit on them or use them as a minor table to use when standing.”

The Oasis by OBBA

OBBA has also finished an apartment block with semi-outside stairwell screened behind a segment of open brickwork and a residence with a floor that doubles as a bench.

Photography is by Kyung Roh. Video is by Rohspace.

The Oasis by OBBAPrepare – click for greater picture The Oasis by OBBAPart – click for larger picture

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