The Employees builds fleet of robots
to investigate galleries at evening

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: London studio The Employees has built a fleet of robots that can let the public to remotely check out galleries and museums from their personal computers at house (+ film).

After Dark by The Workers at TATE Britain

Named After Dark, the venture initially ran over 5 nights at the Tate Britain gallery in London in August 2014.

“Right after Dark involved four robots operating in the darkened galleries at evening,” explains The Workers co-founder Tommaso Lanza in the movie. “The robots have been allow totally free to efficiently investigate 500 years of British art.”

After Dark by The Workers at TATE Britain

Every single of the 4 robots could be remotely controlled by a member of the public in excess of the net by means of a regular internet browser. There was also a live feed from each of the robots that people could view on the web.

The robots each feature a round base containing the wheels and motors, and a tilting head on the end of a extended neck. 7 sonar sensors make certain they do not bump into each and every other, or other objects.

“You will not want to do that in a museum,” Lanza says.

After Dark by The Workers at TATE Britain

The robots also feature two spotlights on their heads, allowing viewers to see the exhibits in the dark.

“You see the galleries by way of the eyes of these robots,” Lanza says. “It really is a bit like going close to with a torch. As soon as you method an artwork, it commences to appear from the darkness. So it is very a special way to see the gallery.”

After Dark by The Workers at TATE Britain

Lanza says that the project was only feasible because of how low-cost and accessible streaming above the world wide web has become.

“There is a new wave of prospects for modest studios like ours, exactly where tiny teams of individuals can produce fairly remarkable feats,” he explains. “That is in portion due to the fact that the engineering concerned is turning into a lot more available. Hopefully we will see a lot more inventive utilizes of engineering for equivalent functions.”

After Dark by The Workers at TATE Britain

Lanza and fellow co-founder Ross Cairns are currently searching to generate new experiences with the robots. Lanza says that they are being open minded about the next location for the undertaking.

“It does not always have to be in a museum,” he says. “It is about becoming in a space where you are not supposed to be and offering people experiences that are unique.”

Tommaso Lanza and Ross Cairns The Employees co-founders Tommaso Lanza and Ross Cairns

This film was filmed at The Workers’ studio in London. The music featured is a track by producer 800xL.

Footage of the robots in the galleries is courtesy of Tate.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers is an ongoing collaboration with MINI exploring how layout and technological innovation are coming collectively to form the future.

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers

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