Superflux investigation project imagines
London patrolled by a fleet of drones

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Superflux has constructed a series of drones, which the London studio suggests could a single day be utilised in cities for surveillance, traffic handle and marketing (+ film).

Drone Aviary by Superflux Drone Aviary set up at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Copyright: V&ampA

Superflux’s Drone Aviary task, which is currently on demonstrate at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s All of This Belongs to You exhibition in London, consists of five unmanned aerial cars (UAVs) and a short film.

Drone Aviary by Superflux Drone Aviary set up at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Copyright: Dezeen

“Drone Aviary is a investigation and advancement project, which explores the social, political and cultural implications of drone engineering as it enters civil space,” explains Superflux co-founder Anab Jain in the film. “We have gone underneath the hood of the engineering and constructed a series of drones from scratch.”

Drone Aviary by Superflux Drone Aviary set up at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Copyright: V&ampA

The five UAVs, which are every created for a various goal, can all be programmed to fly autonomously and attribute the simple technologies that drones may use in potential to patrol cities, this kind of as GPS and facial recognition software.

Drone Aviary by Superflux Nightwatchman drone by Superflux

With a kind that resembles a CCTV camera, Nightwatchman is a straightforward surveillance drone, which could be used by the government or personal security companies to capture information and detect terrorist threats.

Drone Aviary by Superflux Routehawk drone by Superflux

Routehawk is created to regulate targeted traffic flow and check vehicles for speeding or parking offences.

Drone Aviary by Superflux Newsbreaker drone by Superflux

Newsbreaker is a drone that may possibly be utilized by media organizations in future to arrive 1st at the scene of a crime or accident. Superflux imagines that this kind of a drone could be programmed to check net and radio targeted traffic to seek out breaking information as it occurs.

Drone Aviary by Superflux Madison marketing drone by Superflux

Superflux’s largest machine is an marketing drone referred to as Madison, which Jain describes as “a flying billboard.”

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The drone functions face monitoring technological innovation, which Superflux suggests could be employed to target advertisements at certain folks and gauge their reactions.

Drone Aviary by Superflux FlyCam Instadrone

The ultimate drone in the series is the FlyCam Instadrone, which Superflux envisages as a more affordable and much more available version of the customer drones that are offered today.

Drone Aviary by Superflux

The accompanying film at the exhibition consists of footage shot from every of these drones as they fly by way of London, scanning people and objects and capturing data.

Drone Aviary by Superflux

“The film is a fleeting glimpse of the city of London from the standpoint of these drones,” Jain explains. “The drones turn into protagonists as they fly around the city logging data into what we envision is a greater database. It raises inquiries about who owns our information, exactly where all this media is being collected.”

Drone Aviary by Superflux

Jain believes that drones will one day be commonplace in our cities and says the Drone Aviary venture aims to make individuals consider the consequences.

“This really is not also a lot of a stretch of the imagination,” she says. “In the last 12 months, millions of lbs have been invested in civilian drone engineering. We want men and women to consider about it critically.”

Drone Aviary by Superflux

This film was filmed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Drone Aviary is element of the museum’s All of This Belongs to You exhibition, which is operating from 1 April to 19 July 2015.

Extra footage utilized in the film is courtesy of Superflux. The Soundtrack is by Sam Conran and is taken from Superflux’s Drone Aviary movie.

All pictures utilized in this post are by Superflux, except if otherwise stated.

Jon Arden and Anab Jain of Superflux Jon Arden and Anab Jain of Superflux. Copyright: Dezeen

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