Sunflower House Comprises Ten Cubes Pointed In Different Directions


Located on a cliffside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this property by Cadaval &amp Solà-Morales is a cluster of ten cubes that are every oriented in direction of a diverse viewpoint .

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

Cadaval &amp Solà-Morales, an architecture studio based in each Spain and Mexico, created the two-storey residence as a property for a couple in a fishing village on the north-easterly tip of Spain’s Costa Brava.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

The customers asked for a home that requires benefit of the amazing scenery, but to do this the architects had to overcome a main issue – the cliffside area is directly exposed to the harsh northerly Tramontane wind.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

“Mel and Geoff wanted a house that was totally exposed to the views, but they never ever imagined that their plot was tremendously exposed to one of the strongest winds of the peninsula, and did not get almost any direct sun radiation,” explained the staff.

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“So the undertaking starts from this dichotomy – reinforce the relation to the sea, although discovering and attracting the sun into the home.”

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

The outcome is a building produced up of different segments, angled to catch the sun at distinct times of the day while also framing a selection of views out in direction of the ocean. This prompted the building’s title – Sunflower Home.

“The home is also a huge solar collector, a mechanism to deliver light and heat into the residence – like a giant sunflower,” mentioned the staff.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

There are five cubes on every single storey, which collectively enclose a generous double-height residing space.

They also frame a patio that is sheltered from the wind, making it possible for residents to sit outside on blustery days.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

Despite the sloping nature of the terrain, the residence was largely constructed on a single degree platform.

This produced it attainable to generate a ground-floor entrance at the rear, which leads by means of 1 cube into the open-program residing space.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

A staircase major upstairs cuts through the centre of the space, alongside a central lounge.

A dining area and modest seating area are housed within the two cubes at the front, although two at the side house a television area and a kitchen.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

“The property wants to identify each and every of the particularities of this magnificent landscape,” explained the architects.

“With its geometry, the residence frames a multiplicity of various and certain views, and builds up content spaces that inhabit wonderful massive framed views.”

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

Upstairs, the five cubes accommodate three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest room. Glazed doors enable some of these spaces to open out to rooftop balconies.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

“From the interior the experience of the home is constant: from any point of the property a single feels closely connected to the instant milieu by incorporating one particular or other see into the numerous spaces,” extra the architects.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

A simple components palette was selected for each within and outdoors. The outer walls are coated in a textured white render, while white inner walls are accompanied by a concrete floor.

Sunflower House by Cadaval &amp Sola-Morales

A heavy-duty glass a lot more normally utilised in skyscraper building was also selected, making certain that windows are resistant to strong winds and salt water.

Photography is by Sandra Pereznieto.

Task credits:

Architects: Cadaval &amp Solà-Morales
Crew: Eduardo Cadaval, Clara Solà-Morales
Collaborators: Moisés Gamus, Joanna Pierchala, Efstathios Kanios
Constructing engineering: Joaquin Peláez
Structural engineering: Manel Fernández, Bernuz-Fernandez
Building Organization: Joaquin Gonzalez Obras y Construcciones

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