A little while back now I was contacted by 1 of my lovely neighborhood readers who was looking for some design and style suggestions. She was truly enquiring about &#8216hiring&#8217 me to assist, and while this is anything I&#8217ve accomplished in the past, the timing was just a tiny off for me so I felt uncomfortable committing to the perform.

That mentioned, I was still keen to assist her out and do appreciate the challenge, and just plain fun, of playing &#8216dollhouse&#8217.

Fortuitously, I&#8217d in fact been toying with the concept of beginning a new reader-primarily based design and style segment and her open program living space seemed like the prefect kick-off candidate!

&quotRoom with a View&quot 3D Concept Renderings

The segment will focus on breathing virtual life into your design and style visions. In other words, turning your dreamy residence desires into realistic concept renderings you can in fact see!

Notice how I stated &#8216your&#8217? While I&#8217m super open to assisting propel the style &#8211 filling in any gaps and dealing with dilemmas &#8211 at this stage I&#8217d actually like concentrate on rooms you guys already have some suggestions for, rather than full-blown &#8220I&#8217m totally lost&#8221 re-dos. I adore the notion of operating in a collaborative way to make your personal imaginings visible.

Maybe you&#8217ve got a new colour scheme in mind, various furniture layout to trial or are even contemplating a mini reno. From using a certain wallpaper to creating a distinct general &#8216vibe&#8217, it can be as precise or vague as you like, as lengthy as there is some intent. The general objective of the rendering is to supply a motivating (and hopefully fascinating!) visual guide which you can then tailor to your needs throughout the design and style implementation process.

Anyhoo, back to the kick-off space.

My reader, Jelaine, had come to a stand-nevertheless in her combined living-dining area.

She wanted to function with what she currently had (for the most element) to obtain a cohesive contemporary french nation feel, with hints of vintage industrial. Even though she had some ideas, she just wasn&#8217t fairly certain how to pull every little thing collectively.

Right here&#8217s her space&#8230

Before 1

Before 4

Before 3

Before 2

Note: Jelaine purchased new sofas mid-way through the consultation process soon after I saw a great deal on some which I thought fit her criteria and recommended she check them out. Despite the fact that I was sent a couple of fresh pics of the space such as the new sofas &#8211 which had been adequate for my rendering purposes &#8211 the initial photographs (incorporating the original micro-suede couches) have been just a little wider angled and much better showed the space as a complete which is why I&#8217ve used them above. Of course, the new sofas are depicted in my plans and right here they are in the room&#8230

Living Room Before

She also shared photos of some accessories she&#8217d like integrated&#8230

Decorating Accessories

And right here are her requirements and desires&#8230

DINING Location
&#8211 Table, chairs and clock to stay
&#8211 Lighting for above dining table
&#8211 Furniture (incorporating storage) for beneath clock
&#8211 Artwork for blank wall

&#8211 Rug, coffee table, new brown sofas and Television bench to stay
&#8211 Incorporate lamps someplace
&#8211 Artwork for above three-seater sofa
&#8211 Use architectural prints if achievable
&#8211 Lighten-up the overall brown-ness
&#8211 Additional furnishings to accompany Tv bench (likes the appear of constructed-ins)

So, taking all things into account &#8211 like accurate dimensions of the room itself along with any existing furnishings &#8211 right here&#8217s what I came up with (side-by-side comparisons can be identified further below)&#8230

3D Room Rendering | The Painted Hive

Go on, you know you want to &#8211 it appears heaps better big!

3D Room Rendering After

Virtual Interior Design

Room Re-Design in 3D

3D Room Rendering

Pardon the funky shadowing. Just a quirk of the system.

Under is a &#8216doll&#8217s home&#8217 view to a lot more clearly show the spacial preparing and furniture lay-out.

3D Dollshouse View

And a bit about the choices I produced&#8230

DINING Location
I was initially going to suggest putting a little cabinet beneath the clock, even though its high hanging position prompted me to suggest a 3/four cupboard alternatively. Not only does it provide much more storage, believed it&#8217s also just a bit different. I went with a distressed mint green which references the artwork in the living area, breaks-up all the timber in the space and adds some necessary personality. Atop the cupboard a simple collection of glassware befriends the solitary clock.

On the opposite dining space wall I have produced a basic photo gallery. This location is currently a bit of a transient zone (you may have noticed each a spin bike and keyboard in each of the just before pics &#8211 which were taken a few weeks apart) with no genuine defined future plan. The gallery, being each easy and fascinating, gives flexibility however performs to give goal and impact to the wall. If in the future Jelaine want&#8217s to pull in some thing more permanent (possibly in the type of a sideboard, low bar or bench) the gallery can simply be adapted to perform.

A low central pendant aids define the dining region. I utilised an industrial pyramid style pendant, though a longer rectangular one particular would function equally well, as would an appropriately scaled pair of alternate pendants, like glass cones or standard lanterns.

LIVING Location
Rather than commit to the permanence and expense of built-ins, I have basically flanked the Television bench with two tall narrow shelving units. Although open to changing the Tv bench, Jelaine did mention that she does like it, so I have retained it at this stage. That stated, I do like the notion of switching it out for something simpler which can be painted to match the shelves (and doesn&#8217t compete so readily with the coffee table). I described this to Jelaine and she is now keen to locate an alternative. Restrained but thoughtful styling utilizing co-ordinating accessories (notice I sneaked in her pair of beautiful lanterns?) assists avoid a cluttered really feel. Fairly baskets can be utilised to shop any smaller, much less decorative items. To bridge the shelves and take concentrate off the Television I have utilized Jelaine&#8217s existing architectural prints which have been bought by her husband.

I retained the couch configuration &#8211 which, after brainstorming all the options, I decided does function greatest for the space &#8211 although added a small occasional chair and two ottomans. The chair performs to define the seating area without having enclosing it. It also provides an avenue to introduce a lighter coloured fabric. I felt the rectangular shape of the coffee table was a tiny ill-fitting so have teamed it with a pair of ottomans to generate a collective square shape which I feel functions far better in the space. Along with supplying further seating, the ottomans are very easily repositionable as necessary and, based on the style, can also be utilised for storage. To assist brighten things up I have utilised a mixture of light-toned linen cushions, some plain and some with simple grain-sack stripes to fit with Jelaine&#8217s preferred french feel. I have placed a brown ticking cushion on the occasional chair to tie it in with the chocolate couches.

To break-up all the angles in the room I added a round pedestal table in between the couches. I went with anything reasonably tall so it didn&#8217t get also lost behind the sofa arms and chose a warm grey to add a bit of depth. Atop the table sits the shorter of Jelaine&#8217s lamps. Positioned symmetrically at the other finish of the 3-seater sofa is the taller of her lamps. You can&#8217t see it clearly in the pics even though I&#8217ve utilized a tiny milking stool to bring it up to the very same level as the table lamp (books could also be used as risers to get the levels ideal if need be). Giving business to the occasional chair is a little side table, right here in the type of a stump stool, nevertheless numerous different designs could function nicely.

To cleanly counter-balance the fullness of the shelves and generate a focal point away from the Tv I have placed 1 huge artwork above the three-seater sofa. I chose a muted abstract for a bit of edge and colour (as talked about above, the artwork colour is referenced in the green dining space cupboard to support unite the locations).

Note: Of course, all the specifics in my design and style are merely suggestive. Particulars regarding particulars such as colour, style, finishes, and so forth, can and should be adjusted as needed.

Now, who doesn&#8217t adore a before and following? Right here are some comparisons to save all that back and forth scrolling (bear in mind, she already has the new couches)&#8230

Before and After Virtual Room Makeover

Room Makeover Before and After 3D Rendering

Room Makeover Before and After Virtual Rendering

Before and After Room Redo - Virtual Style


Soooo, now I invite you guys to submit a single of your spaces!

If you have a space you believe would be a very good candidate for this new segment basically send me a short overview of your vision for the space along with a few pictures.

E mail [email protected] with topic line &#8220Room with a View&#8221.

Guys, please don&#8217t go into as well much detail or send a million pics at this stage. Depending on the quantity of submissions I receive I could not be able to get to them all and I&#8217d hate for anybody to take a heap of time composing a submission which doesn&#8217t evolve into a rendering. I program to pick a space as frequently as time and motivation permits, any of the a lot more nitty-gritty deets can comply with if your area is chosen.

Even though I have this great rendering program (and have somehow conquered the considerable understanding curve in order to truly use it!) I can&#8217t count the number of instances I&#8217ve just wished a person would simply show me how an imagined space may look. So, I&#8217m truly hunting forward to becoming capable to do precisely that for some of you! Eeeek!


Don&#8217t want to gamble with the opportunity I may possibly pick you? Feel cost-free to get in touch with me about a custom consultation.


This area was rendered using Property Designer Architectural.

You have just read the post New Reader-Based Consultation Segment&#8230and a space just before and soon after! from The Painted Hive. Click on over to visit the blog and get engaged in the comments section – I’d enjoy to hear your thoughts! Republishing this article in full or in portion is a violation of copyright law.

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