These stackable containers by Taiwan designer Kenyon Yeh are all created in various supplies and sizes, but combine to type a sculptural object.

Kenyon Yeh’s Flue set comprises a tall, narrow copper vase, a medium-sized glass container and a quick squat ceramic planter.

Flue vessels by Kenyon Yeh

“The idea was to have stackable vessels in modest, medium and big with diverse heights that permit them to be employed in different circumstances and for distinct wants,” Yeh told Dezeen.

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When not is use, the 3 fit inside each other for show as a decorative piece.

Flue vessels by Kenyon Yeh

The designer initially proposed the pots in ceramic, but decided that the material on its personal lacked the qualities he was seeking for.

Alternatively, Yeh chose the 3 components with distinct lustres, opacities and weights to form the collection.

Flue vessels by Kenyon Yeh

“In the finish there is a nice texture combination with the minimal vessel forms,” mentioned the designer, who has also produced a flat-pack wooden coat rack that leans up against a wall or corner.

The ceramic planter is cast in a mould and the glass container is hand blown. The copper vase is formed with a metal-spinning method.

Flue vessels by Kenyon Yeh

“Even although Flue is made from diverse components with various tactics, it nonetheless maintains the kind and the simplicity of one particular household vessel,” Yeh stated.

An additional of Yeh’s previous projects is a two-legged side table that rests on a vertical surface for Danish brand Menu.



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