KAMP Arhitektid has set up angular wooden rooms and five metre-substantial trees within a former factory in Estonia, to produce an office modelled on a “vibrant summer season forest”.

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

Previously the empty hall of a disused Soviet-era factory building in Tallinn, the office area is now residence to Estonian children’s clothes manufacturer Lenne.

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

Tallinn-based KAMP Arhitektid – whose prior projects include a timber property that curves close to an oak tree – was briefed with transforming the huge area into smaller sized zones. The group responded by installing a wooden volume broken up into separate meeting rooms and workspaces.

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

“Our program was to create a exclusive landscape that would differ from the previous room each in type and supplies utilised,” said architect Jan Skolimowski.

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“The entire landscape was made to be multi-levelled, with sharp facets,” he additional. “We desired it to be exiting to move around with numerous behind-the-corner stairs, doors and rooms.”

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

The sensible-seeking trees peppered about the space are produced from a mixture of real trunks and artificial branches and leaves. They reach up in the direction of the roof beams.

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

“A week following the trees were crafted a modest genuine fresh branch with minor leaves commenced developing on one of the trunks as if to include to the visitors’ confusion,” stated Skolimowski. “We have created a room that irrespective of the season outdoors helps make you really feel as in a bright summertime forest – even if the birches and maples are not true.”

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

Although the current creating presently had 4.5-metre-high windows, skylights have been also additional to maximise the volume of natural light in the area.

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

“Lighting played an essential part,” stated Skolimowski.”There are high windows on two walls that were when meant to light the manufacturing processes in the factory, but nowadays they are truly essential style aspects which supply lots of all-natural light that is typically scarce in present day optimised offices.”

Functional furniture was chosen to avoid generating a clash amongst the fittings and the layout of the wooden volume.

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

In the kitchen, bespoke house-shaped wooden cupboards feature cut-outs in the shape of children in overalls, which consider the location of handles.

Lenne Office by KAMP Arhitektid

Foliage is increasingly becoming utilized as style features in buildings, specifically in Japan where examples incorporate a cafe with a modest tree growing within it.

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