We&#8217re moving appropriate along in this season&#8217s Holiday Paper Wrap Up series—this time, we&#8217re talking stamps. These crafty tools have been around for forever and for excellent cause. The reusable aspect makes them a dream for individuals who don&#8217t have limitless storage and who adore to embellish anything from little love notes to envelopes (guilty!). And nowadays, we&#8217re turning our interest to stamped vacation tags, simply because why on earth not??



  • Pre-wrapped gift box
  • Yarn
  • three-inch round hole punch
  • 2-point tag hole punch
  • Sheet of cardstock
  • Vacation stamp (mine is from Terbear Collectibles featuring Laura Hooper Calligraphy)


Very first, grab your three-inch hole punch and cut out a circle from your cardstock. I went with white paper to hold items nice and sleek, but you can mix yours up to match the particular wrapping paper that you decide on to use beneath your own tag. Next, use a two-point tag hole punch (I purchased mine from Michael&#8217s craft shop) to add double points for your yarn to slip through in a later step.


Following that, it&#8217s time to stamp. As I mentioned in the supplies list, my vacation stamp came from Terbear Collectibles with calligraphy by Laura Hooper. I&#8217ve spent a big element of this holiday season finishing all sorts of tags with these fairly stamps (see my custom address stamp here), but for this project I chose my favorite—a berry embellished stamp with a straightforward cursive &#8220happy holidays&#8221 sentiment written across the center.



To accomplish your own excellent stamp, open a fresh pad of ink and gently push your stamp into the pigment. You don&#8217t want to push also tough or else you danger getting ink on the sides of your stamp, which could mar your completed tag. Press the stamp onto the ink pad multiple times, shifting the stamp about to get all of the sides inked till you really feel like you have it covered.

Lift the stamp to verify that all of the raised edges are covered with colour, and then gently press it onto your paper tag. If you want to practice beforehand, have a piece of scrap paper handy—I did numerous instances before pressing my stamp onto the real deal.


To finish, cut a piece of yarn large enough to encircle your box twice, and then thread it by way of the double holes you made earlier in your paper tag. Bring the yarn and tag more than to your box, set it on top and pull the yarn taut down the sides. Twist the yarn beneath the box and bring it up the opposite two sides. Thread one finish of the yarn beneath your tag and shimmy the ends to the underside of the box to hide your knot.



I&#8217ve been hinting about the pleased news all through the entire week, but I&#8217m pleased to ultimately spill the beans that Terbear Collectibles and Laura Hooper Calligraphy are providing a single DGD reader a custom address stamp of their own to use over and over again in the new year! Just use the Rafflecopter widget beneath to enter. Contest ends next Friday at midnight—good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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