Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse from the Layout Studio have the backyard apartment Nomad ship is a hanging herb planter from scrap and created covers from.

wall hanging herb planter

Nomad is a portable herb planter in the form of a folded material. The construction is in a selection of environments with constrained room for plants. It can hang on a rope, sitting on the coffee-ready to be transported to far more sunlight in the window or the user can choose a web page only work and hang it on the wall to produce a vertical garden. The open design and style enables the placement up to the consumer.

hanging herb planter nz

The form of rectangle, is created from a material folded a double-sided pot and fitted with an eyelet. There are breathing a gap between the two layers in the soil and drain.

small hanging herb planter

Nomad will ship from scrap metal drives and boot covers created. The components are obtained waste of submit-manufacturing by sailmaker in the Bronx. Some of the resources are not canvas from the 80s up to par with the sailing market right now.

hanging herb gardens nz

hanging herb gardens

hanging window herb planter

indoor hanging herb planter

upside down hanging herb planter

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