Skype co-founders Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla are trialling a fleet of six-wheeled self-driving robots designed to supply shopping to consumers’ doorsteps.

Grocery delivering robots by Skype

The 22-inch-tall electrical power-powered vehicles are getting launched by Starship Technologies – a firm formed by Friis and Heinla to investigate the methods “robotic platforms” could change the delivery of goods.

The car-shaped robots are created to travel along pavements at four miles per hour, and can carry the equivalent of two grocery bags of buying.

Grocery delivering robots by Skype

Consumers can select from short delivery slots and track the robot’s movements in actual time by way of a smartphone app.

After the delivery arrives, only the app-holder can unlock it and retrieve their goods by lifting open the hinged top of the device.

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“Our vision revolves close to 3 zeroes – zero cost, zero waiting time and zero environmental affect,” said Heinla.

“We want to do to nearby deliveries what Skype did to telecommunications,” he additional.

Grocery delivering robots by Skype

Starship Technologies has its headquarters in London, with a crew of product designers in Finland and engineers in Estonia.

It has thus far only examined the robots in its offices, but has strategies for a public trial in south east London next year.

Amazon has also tested the possibility of drone deliveries, with a prototype support that would use flying robots to supply packages to consumers inside half an hour of ordering.

Grocery delivering robots by Skype

Sydney organization Flirtey has presently launched a services using hexacopters that are tracked via a smartphone app to deliver sturdy objects this kind of as books.

According to Starship Technologies, its robotic postmen cost ten to 15 occasions much less than present delivery alternatives.

Grocery delivering robots by Skype

Merchants would ship things in bulk to neighborhood warehouses, where they would be collected by the robots for local delivery.

“With ecommerce continuing to grow buyers anticipate to have more handy choices for delivery – but at a expense that suits them,” explained Heinla.

Grocery delivering robots by Skype

“The final number of miles typically amounts to the vast majority of the total delivery cost,” he added. “Our robots are purposely developed making use of the technologies made inexpensive by mobile phones and tablets – it is fit for goal, and makes it possible for for the value financial savings to be passed on to the buyer.”

The devices depend on integrated navigation and obstacle avoidance application, but are also overseen remotely by human operators who can get manage when essential.

Grocery delivering robots by Skype

The robots can automatically alert the police if tampering is detected. Early testing showed that 80 per cent of people had no reaction to their presence.

Other firms experimenting with automated delivery solutions include Google, which tested its Venture Wing drone technique in Australia final year.

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