Barcelona style studio Goula/Figuera has designed a assortment of hanging lights that are based on thousands of drawings.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

The Lines &amp Dots lamps have been designed employing preliminary sketches made from markings drawn by hand on paper. Eight drawings were selected and recreated using powder-coated steel rods, which had been folded and welded by hand by neighborhood craftsmen.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

“We started with artistic drawings and attempted to translate these 2D shapes into a volumetric object,” the studio’s Álvaro Goula told Dezeen. “We have to try out diverse manufacturing strategies until finally we discovered the one particular.”

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“We last but not least made the decision to make them in welded steel, a material typically employed in sculpture, which is incredibly resilient and transmits large high quality.”

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

The lights attribute a central hanging rod, with patterned circular and oval sections arranged all around it.

More basic types have only a single decorative panel, while other individuals feature combinations of diverse shapes placed one particular on leading of another.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

Brightly coloured dots adorn the ends of singular rods, and shoppers can pick which colors they want when getting lights. The lamps can also be more customised on request, by picking which sculptural pieces are mixed with each other.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

The differently shaped sections can rotate independently from a single yet another, making the lights resemble a children’s mobile when hung up.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

The Lines &amp Dots collection is being sold by way of Property Adventures – a new initiative set up by Goula/Figuera to launch far more uncommon homeware.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

“Through this new brand, goods are launched onto the marketplace which due to their experimental nature, morphologic inspiration or modern manufacturing, demonstrate hard to uncover in conventional house decor catalogues,” the studio stated.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/Figuera

“Pieces which come to existence from the freedom to combine volume and supplies and which represent the sheer enjoyment of studio perform,” it added.

Lines &amp Dots by Goula/FigueraIdea drawing – click for greater image

Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner also developed lighting that resembled a single line drawing, and Kazakh designer Nissa Kinzhalina designed a pair of chairs that looked like incomplete sketches when viewed from the side.

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Much more line-drawn design:

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