With Apple trying to convert creatives to its digital pencil, Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti is hoping to demonstrate there’s life however in graphite with these mechanical writing equipment.

Neri pens and pencils by Internoitaliano

The pens and pencils are described by Iacchetti’s self-launched layout brand Internoitaliano as “an physical exercise in absolute minimalism for design and style junkies and aficionados of writing”. Each and every one particular is manufactured from a rod of strong aluminium which has been anodised and sand blasted.

Neri pens and pencils by Internoitaliano

The classic mechanism for extruding pencil lead or pushing up a nib has been replaced with a single dial positioned on the grip of the pen. According to the brand, this is a reference to the method employed when adjusting compasses for technical drawings.

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By turning this dial end users can regulate the length of the pencil lead, or click the pen nib in and out. The implements come in 3 finishes: silver, grey and black.

Neri pens and pencils by Internoitaliano

“Always a passion of mine, I truly feel pens and mechanical pencils epitomise objects that can totally express the essence of design and style: sophistication, simplicity, the archetype of a technical device, a prothesis of the hand and mind,” said Iacchetti, who launched Internoitaliano in 2012.

Neri pens and pencils by Internoitaliano

“Obtaining your own pen and pencil with you is a statement of intent: the will and potential to depart a tangible written sign, to commence a story or sketch out a new undertaking,” he additional.

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British style brand Minimalux designed an equally minimum set of pens, albeit in a assortment of treasured-metal finishes.

Neri pens and pencils by Internoitaliano

Even so even though Iacchetti is keen to demonstrate there’s nonetheless daily life in graphite, Apple is equally keen to convert people to its digital Apple Pencil which launched earlier this 12 months.

Neri pens and pencils by Internoitaliano

In a recent interview with The Telegraph Jonathan Ive suggested that Apple’s style group was slowly moving away from pen and paper in favour of the Apple Pencil.

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