Furnishings And Garden Design In A Country House Style


July 29, 2015   home furniture  

The Eberl Haus, a real perform of artwork made of organic stone and wood, was developed by the talented architect Barret and finished. The developing Evergreen/Evergreen/Colorado, United States, is found in a gorgeous wooded spot in the vicinity of the town. The builders had been the necessity of a comfortable residence, exactly where the family feels relaxed. Therefore it was determined for furnishings and garden style in a nation residence type. The end result can be seen and we are thrilled!

Landscaping cottage style staircase lighting Facade natural stone

The backyard blends harmoniously in the hilly landscape – the natural stone staircase, the desert plants, ground cover and ornamental grasses create a seamless connection in between the Residence and the close by forest. The terrace is a actual eye-catcher – lounge comfy furniture from rattan download the garden season extended to the rest and the fire shell created of Corten steel.

Landscaping country-style kitchen Wooden fronts

The gorgeous nature inspired the architects by the way to your layout – the Property is developed of stone and wood, but minimalist style and generously glazed facade.

In the Interior, wood and all-natural stone perform the principal function – the wooden ceiling and stone walls form the ideal backdrop for the cozy furnishing. The concentrate was always on cosiness and comfort – so the rooms look, even though they are spaciously, homely and inviting. The builders can marvel at the stunning nature by the bottom-up ceiling higher Windows. A tiny paradise!

Landscaping cottage style staircase inside stone walls

Landscaping country-style kitchen ideas

Landscaping country-style moss Rasenflaeche front yard

Landscaping country-style natural stone external staircase

Landscaping country-style ornamental grass garden path entrance

Landscaping country-style piano image Wanddeko

Landscaping country-style stones Wuestenpflanzen

Landscaping country-style terrace rattan furniture

Landscaping country-style wine cellar dining

Landscaping hallway country-style decoration

Landscaping Natural Stone Wood Fireplace

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