Stockholm studio Form Us With Love has extended its beer exhibition at the city’s Spritmuseum to contain a venue for outside drinking .

Ölbryggan project by Form us with love

Type Us With Love designed the Ölbryggan as an addition to its laboratory-inspired exhibition that opened earlier this yr inside the museum, situated in an 18th-century naval constructing on the city’s Djurgården island.

Located beside the water, the new covered outside area offers much more room for site visitors to check a range of craft beers whilst producing the most of the Swedish summer weather.

Ölbryggan project by Form us with love

Ölbryggan – which translates to “navy pier beer backyard” – features rows of custom-constructed wooden benches supported by metal shelving units filled with plants.

“To be able to generate a social space with an emphasis on dialogue, employing wood, greens and the surrounding water feels really satisfactory in this tucked away, however urban context,” mentioned Kind Us With Enjoy.

Ölbryggan project by Form us with love

The longest table runs down the centre, created to inspire conversation amongst drinkers.

“It was genuinely important for us that Ölbryggan grew to become a place where men and women come together to share information and taste,” the studio said. “There are even conversation cards obtainable with straightforward-to-grasp beer topics to get the conversation beginning between brewers and between the brewers and the public.”

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Smaller sized, far more intimate seating regions are situated to a single side and are divided by more modular shelves, while a higher table runs along the waterside.

Ölbryggan project by Form us with love

The bar at the back of the space serves 15 distinct micro-brewery beers from taps set into an metal panel, with every single variety presented in a clear glass bottle on a shelf over.

A retractable fabric canopy can be pulled back in dry weather, assisting to give a entirely various feel to the primary exhibition indoors.

Ölbryggan project by Form us with love Idea sketch and supplies

“The Beer exhibition with the aesthetics of a laboratory – clean tiles and glass podiums – feels quite rational and smart,” stated the studio. “As a contrast, Ölbryggan delivers the softer a lot more genuine feel of a farm, gradually growing malt and probably a a lot more human dialogue.”

“You are surrounded by good individuals, edible plants, furniture in natural materials and a calming panoramic water front.”

Different breweries will get above the taps all through the summer time, while beer-related bar snacks such as malt crisps and hops-corn will stay on the menu.



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