Hey there my pals! I am SO excited about his find and couldn’t to share it with you!

So you know how I’m redoing our kitchen this yr? Our cabinets are excellent top quality and will stay (but will get a redo) but there’s a minor detail that I’ve been coveting for years now.

Each time we walk through IKEA I open and shut the cabinet doors to see the magic…the magic of the soft close door. I considered it was just a dream my friends. A dream of changing each and every and each and every hinge in our kitchen that wasn’t going to occur.

But then…I located the response in House Depot. I uncover several answers at Home Depot. I was GIDDY, let me tell you. These are soft close dampers you can get in a bundle or individually. I could barely wait to get them installed!

Here’s the bundle:

DIY soft close doors They come ten to a pack and it was \$35 – not poor when you think about each and every cabinet is just above \$3 to do this.

The set up was SUPER effortless. They go inside the cabinet like so, with a bit of the edge hanging in excess of:

DIY soft close doors

No, I haven’t painted the within of the cabinet. I don’t paint the insides. Ain’t nobody received time for that. Maybe someday somebody will have time for that.

I predrilled the hole for the screw:

simple soft close doors This helps make installation a good deal simpler and makes positive the frame doesn’t split. Each and every a single only demands one particular screw.

Here’s a swift video to present you how they near now:


(That automobile plays all of my video clips so you may want to push pause when it ends.)

I found mine to be excellent as they have been, but you can flip the minor dial on the back to change how quickly the door shuts:

soft close damper Allow. me. tell. you. It is wonderful! It feels so luxurious…all fancy-like. It does consider some getting used to – we’re nonetheless trying to shut them and have to remind ourselves to chilllll and let it do it’s task.

The best component is the little pads on our doors are continuously falling off and I’m often gluing them back on and now there is no need. The instructions just show these for cabinet doors but I’m going to try them out on a drawer to see if it performs. If not…there’s usually individuals full extending drawer slides with soft close…someday. ) I’ll allow you know if these work though!

I really like sharing small finds like this that function effectively – have you experimented with these? Do they hold up effectively?

Thrifty Decor Chick


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