Trust me. I know for a FACT that I am thinking too far ahead, but I just can’t help myself! I am a holiday season fanatic, and have been dreaming of all the excitement to be had starting on Thanksgiving and running all the way through New Years Day. Life just feels a little more chipper, a little more festive this time of year, and so I don’t mind jumping the gun in the name of seasonal fun.

Case in point, our dining room has been morphing (with startling speed) into Thanksgiving these past couple of weeks. I’ve been hard at work embracing earth tones—a color palette very far from my comfort zone, but it’s growing on me—and even went so far as to cook an entire Thanksgiving spread to bring a holiday-themed photoshoot to life. I also put together a brand new DIY rustic placecard tutorial in honor of the season to come—this time, using chalkboard paint and wood slices. Click over to eHow for the full rundown!



Dream Green DIY


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