Hungarian designer Demeter Fogarasi has created a prototype chair with a seat that seems like a windswept sheet of fabric frozen in motion.

Poetic Furniture chair by Demeter Fogarasi

The fabric is created of layers of plastic and textile that are heat-pressed to form a composite material, in a position to be reheated and shaped until it cools and sets firm.

Poetic Furniture chair by Demeter Fogarasi

“I started out the design approach with material scientific studies, working with a biodegradable plastic (PLA), and organic textiles,” explained Fogarasi, whose other designs include a sofa that appears to have been punctured by giant dressmaker’s pins.

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“The aim was to generate a composite materials that not only possessed very good technical properties but also emphasised naturalness, and seems and feels intriguing and inspiring,” he added.

Poetic Furniture chair by Demeter Fogarasi

The designer used a mould to develop the seat of the chair, which rests on a tubular steel framework. The framework has two shorter legs at the front and two longer ones at the back, offering the chair an angled profile.

Poetic Furniture chair by Demeter Fogarasi

The seat dips in, as if inhabited by an invisible person, even though the rest of the fabric extends in irregular ripples over and past the legs – as if becoming blown by wind.

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“I desired to make the chair look theatrical, to emphasise the procedure to conserve the minute of creation,” Fogarasi advised Dezeen.

Poetic Furniture chair by Demeter Fogarasi

“The idea was to develop a concept furniture, which is concerned with the poetic nature of the material,” he extra. “While forming the furnishings, the originally soft material gets rigid.”

“I wanted to save this second of creation, when a piece of textile is ‘blown’ onto the frame, forming a chair.”

Poetic Furniture chair by Demeter Fogarasi Demeter Fogarasi’s materials research for the Poetic Furnishings chair

A staff of college students from the Bartlett College of Architecture has also lately worked with soft materials that sets tough following currently being moulded, generating a chair that resembled a bundle of tangled tree roots.

Photography is by Mihály Demeczky.

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