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Buy Photo Wall Murals: Examples – Fun Brands & Tips Wall Decoration

Buy picture wallpaper: examples-nice brands & Tips wall decoration with photo wallpaper transform your a boring wall to a real eyecatcher. So you can enjoy famous skylines, phenomenal nature views, abstract works of art or life size family photos. What types there are and what to look for as photo wallpaper are going to buy, read here.

Booking photo wallpaper mister press wall

Photo wallpaper is created on the basis of wallpaper paper or non-woven wallpaper. At wallpaper should be smeared with glue the paper itself while you’re at non-woven wallpaper instantly wall should mold release. Non-woven wallpaper don’t blow exhibit or slightly shrink. This can be the case at just wallpaper. The disadvantage is that photo wall murals of nonwoven wallpaper to 3 times more expensive than just wallpaper. Nowadays there is even though photo wall murals without glue. You have then only water to put on the walls to the print.

eijffinger photo wallpaper

Picture wallpaper you can buy numerous original prints. So you can get an urban environment like New York or a soothing piece of nature from Canada. Abstract artwork and enlarged flowers can give your home a fresh look.

photo wallpaper new york skyline

Eijffinger is a Dutch manufacturer of high quality wallpaper Collections. Their photo wall murals can be found in name Wall power and employs more than 100 different pictures. Eijffinger photo wallpaper is washable and made from smart paper (non-woven wallpaper).
Komar is a German company that specializes in photo prints. Their collection has more than 1000 photos and is both printed on woven paper as just wallpaper.

photo wallpaper floral

Mister Perswall is a Belgian company where you can choose from different pictures and then can let custom printing. Also own upload pictures is possible. For their photo wallpaper on size should you count on a price of 49 euros per square meter.

photo wallpaper new york

Do you have any sense to a lot of money to hang on your accent wall than is the wallpaper of Eurographics might be something for you. Their collection of photo wallpaper is created from paper and costs 60 euro for a print of 254 cm x 366 cm, wallpaper glue included. In addition to New York, they also have photo wall of bricks, wood and images from nature. Deco Wall photo wallpaper can you buy here.
Your own photo wallpaper design is also perfectly possible. So can you in a playful way the most beautiful family moments immortalized on the wall. Depending on the surface rocks the cost of homemade photo wall murals between 50 and 75 euros per square meter. When designing your own photo wallpaper you choose preferably high-resolution photos.

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