AMOO Designs Tables To Become “more Attractive Than Ikea In Every Aspect”


Interlinking stone slabs kind this collection of side tables by multi-disciplinary studio AMOO, which set out to develop furniture that clients would chose more than Ikea items .

Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

AMOO initially made the Juanola(s) tables to be created from lacquered MDF, imitating stone, for the interior of a notion retailer in Barcelona.

Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

When the client rejected the pieces in favour of utilizing off-the-shelf tables from Swedish furnishings giant Ikea, the designers had been forced to rethink their method.

Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

“It manufactured us believe about the way in which we encounter new styles, so we could turn into more eye-catching than Ikea, or other individuals, in each facet,” stated Aureli Mora, who co-founded AMOO with Omar Ornaque.

Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

The final collection is made of re-used marble and granite slabs, which form both the vertical and horizontal surfaces. These components create a range of colours and patterns across the tables.

Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

“We required excess weight in order that our notion could grow to be a productive design and style stone allowed us that,” Mora advised Dezeen.

“We needed stones with a enormous variety of colours and hues – and marble and granite are marvellous noble supplies, and it is usually a pleasure to operate with them.”

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Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

The assortment is named Juanola soon after the diamond-shaped Spanish liquorice pastilles, which the tabletops resemble in prepare. When organized collectively, they form geometric groupings.

Their geometric varieties play tricks on the eye when damaging spaces seem to be to total 3-dimensional varieties.

Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

“We knew the visual possible of the combination of more than one particular unit, and knew that the various finishes and stones would produce different sensations,” Mora explained. “But you usually get amazed when the operate is done and in front of you for the very first time!”

Juanola(s) side tables by AMOO

Marble has been utilised to develop tables for centuries, but modern designers are nonetheless coming up with new approaches to use the material.

Joe Doucet developed a restricted-edition assortment of “snap fit” flat-pack marble tables for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum final yr, although Sweden’s Note Layout Studio collaborated with Denmark’s Norm Architects to layout a assortment of tables with mixed-and-matched marble tops for Menu.

Photography is by Albert Gifreu.



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